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with FiberLase™ C02 Fiber Fam Dependable Performance Where You Want It

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PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE Where You Want It Expand your range of surgical procedures with the AcuPulse™ 40WG CO2 laser and FiberLase™ CO2 family of fibers. You can now guide the power of the CO2 laser with the palm of your hand, while the two meter long, resilient CO2 fibers, the ENDURE™ multi-use fiber and the FiberLase single use fiber, get the laser beam exactly where you need it. With the AcuPulse 40WG CO2 laser, you can customize the laser beam profile modes and timed exposure options to enhance the tissue effect for the task at hand. Up to 40 Watts in Continuous Wave, 15 Watts in...

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Three laser beam delivery modes and three timed exposure options for optimal control. A variety of handpieces to assure you have the right tool for each patient treatment. Adjustable, clear aiming beam for precision targeting of treatment areas. Internal air supply avoids the hassle of gas management during surgery. Example Clinical Applications: - Tumor surgery in the larynx, pharynx, nasal, ear and oral structures and tissue - Benign and malignant lesions and fibromas in the nose and nasal passages - Benign and malignant tumor resection of oral, subfacial, and neck tissues - Stapedotomy -...

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Quality Beam Performance of the FiberLase CO2 Fiber Greater power with less beam divergence allows for maximal precision Spot diameter Spot Size Fiber Tip Distance from Tissue Spot diameter Cutting Effect Hemostasis Effect (Lower Power) Ablation Effect (Higher Power) AcuPulse 40WG CO2 Laser Technical Specifications Part Number Laser Type CO2 Laser, sealed-off, DC excited Mode Structure Laser Operating Modes Continuous Wave (CW), Pulser, SuperPulse SuperPulse Average Power Pulser Average Power Single Pulse Repeat Pulse Tissue Exposure Modes Multi-color, high resolution touch panel &...

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