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AcuPulse - 1

SuperSmart SuperSimple SuperPulse Now with 4 NEW modes • • • • MultiMode™ SuperPulse CO2 Laser StretchTouch ToeTouch FineTouch Combo

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AcuPulse - 2

SuperSmart. SuperSimple. SuperPulse. Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface. AcuPulse™ is a safe, simple and cost-effective CO2 laser that delivers outstanding results. AcuPulse can be used for 34 aesthetic indications, more than any other CO2 laser. AcuPulse combines treatment versatility with reproducible results. Designed for simplicity, you can choose from ten treatment modes at the touch of the screen. Integrated instruction tools and video tutorials ensure help is always at your fingertips. Perform all your fractional treatments (superficial and deep) with the same AcuScan120™ scanner....

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AcuPulse - 3

SuperPulse Technology You Can Trust Thanks to its unique MultiMode™ capability, the versatile AcuPulse lets you go beyond continuous wave (CW) treatments to take advantage of the benefits of SuperPulse (SP) technology. AcuPulse’s high-peak power, short-pulse duration delivers precise ablation / coagulation ratio for: • Faster treatment time • Less residual thermal damage Since SuperPulse durations are less than a third of a millisecond, you get faster scans resulting in: • Precise pulse delivery • Reliable consistency • Wider safety margins - treat all skin types Since AcuPulse uses minimal...

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AcuPulse - 4

More Modes Offering More Modes for All Yo Lumenis recognizes the importance of being able to offer a rich range of treatment options to your patients while economizing on capital costs. That’s why AcuPulse features 10 aesthetic treatment modes including: AcuPulse’s Combo™ mode lets you maximize your time and efficiency by safely treating both superficial and deep targets in a single scan. Now you can treat superficial facial lines, wrinkles or sun damage and, in the same scan, treat deep irregular lesions too. AcuPulse is not just for facial treatments. Your patients will be pleased to...

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AcuPulse - 5

Your Aesthetic Needs ToeTouch™ The AcuPulse CO2 laser with ToeTouch mode offers a solution to many of the podiatry ailments your patients seek to treat. Use continuous wave ablation for the treatment of common foot ailments such as toenail fungus, plantar warts, ingrown toenails and more. Now you can use AcuPulse’s SuperPulse technology for the precise ablation and coagulation of irregular pigmented lesions at various depths. FeatherTouch Full resurfacing with less impact. Single scan on the spot for gentler treatments. SilkTouch Full resurfacing with more impact. Scans twice on the same...

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AcuPulse - 6

Technology You Can Trust SuperPulse technology has the ability to deliver high energy in short pulse durations. This capability enables AcuPulse to achieve a fast ablation rate that is greater than any other CO2 laser on the market (except for the UltraPulse system from Lumenis). SuperPulse technology has an optimized ablation / coagulation ratio. Because AcuPulse uses minimal energy, there is less thermal damage thereby reducing the risk of side effects and resulting in a more comfortable treatment and recovery experience for the patient. Depth of ablation in microns AcuPulse - Fast...

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AcuPulse - 7

Gold Standard Carrying the Gold Standard in Lasers For more than 40 years, Lumenis has been the global leader in research and development, manufacturing and distribution of the world’s most advanced laser and intense pulsed light systems. Lumenis holds more than 160 patents on which much of the laser industry is based. With more than 80,000 systems installed in Dermatology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Aesthetic physicians’ offices worldwide, Lumenis is committed to world class light-based medicine. AcuPulse was developed on the excellent engineering foundations of the...

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AcuPulse - 8

Standard Configuration AcuPulse 40 AES-F, AES-R, AES-A Laser Type Peak Power Spot Size AcuScan Scan Size SurgiTouch Scan Size Fractional delivery mode: 5–60%, Full ablative (non-fractional): >100% FDA-cleared Indications FDA-cleared Aesthetic Indications Full Resurfacing Capabilities Fractional Capabilities Incisional Capabilities Excisional Capabilities Aiming Beam 5 mW red diode laser, 635 nm, adjustable Beam Delivery Lightweight, 7-joint, spring-balanced arm w/120 cm (47.2 in) reach, 360° rotation Memory Setting Self-contained, closed cycle Platform Specifications Weight Optional...

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