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Photodisruptor Laser System Accuracy | Precision | Safety 4^LUMENIS®' Vision Enhancing Life. Advancing Technology.

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Enhanced Patient Safety; Superior Technical Design The Aura® PT™ Ophthalmic YAG Photodisruptor Laser System represents the latest YAG product offering from Lumenis – the market leader in ophthalmic laser technologies. The preferred product for anterior-segment procedures such as laser iridotomy and capsulotomy, the Aura PT includes advanced specifications which make treatment fast and accurate for superior patient care. Designed to be safe and easy to use, the Aura PT is the result of years of engineering and manufacturing expertise. The Aura’s advanced features – a 16 degree cone angle,...

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Optimal Energy Placement The Aura’s beam profile, laser cavity design and precision optics ensure low-energy plasma formation and minimal trauma to the eye. The unit’s sophisticated focusing system ensures superior accuracy in energy placement when firing the laser, resulting in a gentler and highly-accurate outcome. Enhanced Slit Lamp Optics Advanced precision optics offer maximum visibility for more precise diagnosis and treatment. The Lumenis Converging Optical System - specifically designed for anterior segment procedures – ensures clearer visualization and greater comfort for the...

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Aura PT Specifications Treatment Laser Type Fundamental Q-Switched Continuously adjustable from 0.2 to 10 mJ Spot Size Burst Mode 1, 2, 3 pulses each burst; separation between pulses is 20 μs Pulse Width Repetition Rate Continuously variable from anterior (-)500 μm to posterior (+)500 μm; detent steps @ 0, 150, 250, 500 μm Focal Length Cone Angle Slit Lamp Aiming Beam Laser Dual beam 635 nm diode continuously variable intensity to 200 μW Electrical Power Cooling System Lumenis® Certified Service | Certified Engineers & Parts > Reliable Performance > Superior Value > Satisfied Customers...

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