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• Precision control for uniform incision or ablation • User-defined control over incision length, ablation area and penetration depth • Shaped cutting conforms to surface anatomy • Easy, stress-free procedures • Minimal bleeding for a clear visual field • 30% reduction in operating time compared to conventional CO2 microsurgery • Reduced thermal damage for better tissue margins Digital AcuBlade Scanning Micromanipulator Extreme Precision | Reproducible Results For use with the UltraPulse SurgiTouch and AcuPulse 30/40 ST CO2 Lasers

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Digital AcuBlade Optimal Accuracy for ENT Surgery The Digital AcuBlade scanning micromanipulator provides optimal accuracy during ENT surgery while ensuring patient safety. Digital AcuBlade advantages include: • ser-defined and precision-controlled incision length, ablation area an treatment U depth • Automated laser scan shapes conform to surface anatomy • Virtually char-free laser delivery ensures a clear view of target lesion • Microvascular hemostasis enables minimal bleeding with clear visual field • any surgeons report the combination of automated scanning and the reproducible M...

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Two Operating Modes for Smart Tissue Management Circular Ablation Use the Digital AcuBlade micromanipulator to treat a variety of diseases – from recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP), to tissue debulking (neoplasia), and stapes* surgeries in the ear. This superficial ablation removes lesions with minimal thermal damage. *Stapes surgery only indicated when using AcuPulse ST. SurgiTouch software comes with programmed laser parameters and is easily customized to meet surgeon specific needs such as preferred incision depth and Linear Incision & Ablation The Digital AcuBlade...

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I’ve used lasers for 30 years, primarily CO2 lasers. I find the Digital AcuBlade offers game changing technology from older technology by providing precise control and automatic treatment of large areas on the vocal cords in shapes of lines and circles that conform to the anatomy in a much faster and precise technique than can be done with hand control of the micromanipulator. What Physicians Are Saying… Mark Courey, M.D., Professor, University of California, San Francisco Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Director, Division of Laryngology We find that the AcuBlade is currently the...

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