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InSight - 1

Diagnose and Treat Precision at your Fingertips

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InSight - 2

Passion for Ophthalmic Lasers that Dates Back more than 40 Years! At Lumenis, we truly understand photocoagulation and laser delivery technologies. That is after all only one of the privileges reserved for the company that pioneered the first Argon Laser photocoagulator for ophthalmology. It is also precisely the reason why the decisive majority of ophthalmologists around the globe have actively chosen to purchase Lumenis photocoagulators and laser delivery devices for the past 40 years – making Lumenis the global market leader and the company with the largest installed-base of ophthalmic...

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InSight - 4

Precision At Your Fingertips The InSight was designed to elevate performance and precision to new levels – allowing you to customize each treatment and exercise full control throughout the procedure. This ability is achieved through our unique and patented co-linear (CoLin™) design, which projects both illumination and laser beam on the same pathway. The CoLin mechanism is controlled directly through the InSight’s integrated joystick, which features our patented AcuGuide™ technology for fine movement and beam manipulation. With the InSight, complete control is always at your fingertips

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InSight - 5

Optics The InSight features high-quality optical system that affords you with optimal field of view during diagnosis and laser delivery. The unit’s stereoscopic angle was designed to provide better depth perception and superior peripheral viewing – making the InSight the ideal product for retinal laser procedures. Illumination & Visualization The unit’s high optical transmission ensures minimal light loss during diagnosis, allowing for better light utilization and ensuring superior visualization and observation of the target site. Lumenis Laser Technology Homogeneous laser spot at target...

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InSight - 6

SureSpot™ Optics Sharply defined and evenly distributed power on the retina; Safe & low-power density at the cornea and the lens Defocus Optics Lumenis Patented SureSpotTM Optics Parfocal Optics Low Power density on the cornea Sharp spot on retina As with all Lumenis photocoagulators, the InSight incorporates SureSpot Optics Technology in all Slit Lamp adapters. The unique and patented SureSpot optics technology from Lumenis ensures that the focal point of the laser beam is maintained on the retina while power density on the cornea and lens is minimized for increased safety. SureSpot optics...

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InSight - 7

Lumenis Vision – Your Preferred Partner Lumenis Vision is the world leader in laser technologies for ophthalmic applications. Our company offers the widest range of products, an unparalleled product support system, the largest global installed-base of ophthalmic laser products and the largest investment in research and development in our industry. Since introducing the first laser photocoagulator to ophthalmology in 1970, Lumenis Vision has focused on providing ophthalmologists with innovative laser therapies to preserve and improve the sight of patients worldwide. Lumenis Vision is...

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InSight - 8

InSight Specifications Microscope Item Type Magnification Eyepiece Total Magnification Interpupillary Adjust. (mm) Stereoscopical Angle (mm) Diopter Adjust. (diopter) Travel of Instrument Base Spot Size Range Item Spot Size Item Slit Projection Slit Width (mm) Slit Length (mm) Aperture Diameter (mm) Filters Slit Rotation Working Distance Horizontal Fine Movement Description 1X 0 - 12 Continuously Variable 12 (1.6 - 12 Continuously Var.) 0.2, 5, 8, 12 Blue, Red Free, Heat Absorbing 360° Continuous 55 mm Mechanical/Patient’s Eye Distance 90 mm Optical axis/Patient’s Eye Distance Z vertical 30...

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