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Novus Spectra Premier dual-port NEW - Now with Dual Port Versatile | Portable | Powerful Enhancing Life. Advancing Technology.

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Passion for ophthalmic lasers that dates back more than 40 years! At Lumenis, we truly understand photocoagulation technology; that is after all only one of the privileges reserved for the company that pioneered the first argon laser photocoagulator for ophthalmology. It is also precisely the reason why the decisive majority of ophthalmologists around the globe have actively chosen to purchase Lumenis photocoagulators for the past 40 years – making Lumenis the global market leader and the company with the largest installedbase of ophthalmic laser photocoagulators worldwide. Novus Spectra...

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Novus Spectra - 3

SureSpot™ Optics Sharply defined and evenly distributed power on the retina; Safe & low-power density at the cornea and the lens Defocus Optics Lumenis Patented SureSpotTM Optics Parfocal Optics Low Power density on the cornea Sharp spot on retina As with all Lumenis photocoagulators, the Novus Spectra incorporates SureSpot Optics Technology in all Slit Lamp adapters. The unique and patented SureSpot optics technology from Lumenis ensures that the focal point of the laser beam is maintained on the retina while power density on the cornea and lens is minimized for increased safety. SureSpot...

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Novus Spectra - 4

The Ideal Product for the OR • Ergonomic & Compact OR Cart: with built-in storage for accessories • Remote control: conveniently adjust laser parameters • Dual Fiber Port: switch instantly between endo-probe and LIO • PowerEase™ Footswitch: hands-free power adjustment LIO: Choose a multicolor Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope that suits your preferences. Both our Heine™ and Keeler™ models are rugged, lightweight and equipped with the most advanced laser delivery technology in the market. Endo Probes: a comprehensive and wide selection of ophthalmic endo probes to meet every clinical need and...

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Novus Spectra - 5

The Ideal Product for the Clinic • Compatible with your preferred Slit Lamp • Compact, lightweight and space-saving • Patented SureSpot Optics • Designed for the busy practice with high patient throughput PowerEase™ Footswitch: The Lumenis *PowerEase™ footswitch provides hands-free power adjustment of the laser by toggling left or right within the footswitch housing. LIO: Choose a multicolor Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope that suits your preferences. Both our Heine™ and Keeler™ models are rugged, lightweight and equipped with the most advanced laser delivery technology in the market....

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Novus Spectra - 6

The Novus Spectra Advantage Superior Optics Homogeneous laser spot at target tissue Our advanced optics and laser delivery technology features uniform energy distribution across the entire laser spot area for more precise and safer treatment. The result is a homogenous laser spot with evenly distributed power across the full diameter of the spot, eliminating the potential risk for the formation of “hot spots”. Dual Fiber Port Instantly switch between delivery devices Dependability is of crucial importance in both the OR and Office settings. Changing delivery devices is fast and easy. The...

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Novus Spectra - 7

Lumenis Selecta™ Platform Retinal, Cataract and Glaucoma Therapy in ONE Maximum flexibility; minimum footprint Connect the Novus Spectra to the Lumenis Selecta Duet™ (YAG & SLT) and create the Trio™ - the most robust laser platform in the market, combining YAG, SLT and Photocoagulation technologies. Gain access to infinite possibilities with minimal space requirements. The innovation does not stop with the most advanced laser and optics. The new Selecta table offers true wheelchair accessibility, optimal space utilization and overall stability by relying on two side columns instead of the...

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Novus Spectra - 8

Novus Spectra Specifications Laser System Diode-pumped solid-state Pulse Duration Pulse Duration .01–3.0 seconds Pulse Rate .05–1.0 seconds and single pulse Energy Settings Spot Size 50–1000 microns with LaserLink Z-1000, 50–500 microns with Converging-Optics LaserLink Aiming Beam Contrasting color, adjustable intensity 635 nm nominal, <1.0 mW Cooling System Power Requirements 110 VAC, <6A, 50/60 Hz, Single phase, 220 VAC, <3A, 50/60 Hz, Single phase Dimensions (Console) Delivery Systems LaserLink Z-1000 Slit Lamp Adaptor (for Zeiss® SL 130, 30SL, 20SL and 125SL); Converging Optics Laser...

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