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VersaPulse PowerSuite HOLMIUM & DUAL WAVELENGTH LASERS The Most Versatile Laser Systems with Extensive Clinical Evidence

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VersaPulse PowerSuite Powerful Surgical Solutions VersaPulse PowerSuite, BENEFITS OF USING A VERSAPULSE LASER Dual Wavelength & • Desired clinical outcome: Precise and controlled cutting and ablation, penetrates just enough to ablate tissue without charring, preventing deep thermal necrosis and minimizing collateral damage VersaPulse P20 are best known for their urologic applications for the treatment of BPH, stones, tumors or strictures. They are also FDA cleared to treat • xtensive clinical evidence: HoLAP and HoLEP have undergone over 14 E randomized controlled trials with proven results...

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VersaPulse PowerSuite Treating the Whole Patient Although the VersaPulse family of lasers is best known for treating urologic conditions, it is also indicated for many other non-urological applications. Its multispecialty capability yields a high return on investment for your hospital. When you choose a VersaPulse laser, you can be sure that your financial well-being is protected. EXCEPTIONAL VERSATILITY, EQUALS AMAZING VALUE One system to treat multiple specialties including urology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, orthopedics, ENT and more, makes for a smart financial and clinical choice....

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VersaPulse PowerSuite Lumenis Global Sales Offices America San Jose, CA Tel + 1 408 764 3000 + 1 877 586 3647 Fax + 1 408 764 3999 CUSTOM FIBERS AND ACCESSORIES SlimLine™ SIS, SlimLine SIS EZ: These fibers are now available for the VersaPulse P20 and offer integrated SIS (Smart Identification System) technology which enables system detection of which fiber has been connected. These reusable and single-use fibers, with the same specifications as the non-SIS versions, are custom designed for the P20 and are perfectly suited for procedures such as tumors and stones. SlimLine, SlimLine EZ:...

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