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AriaDNAHIGH-SPEED REAL-TIME PCR ON A MICROCHIP The possibility of performing fast PCR in miniaturized volumes has attracted attention of industries and academics to carry out cost-effective high throughput testing and screening. The new advanced AriaDNA real-time PCR system provides fast and easy-to-use microchip based nucleic acids analysis. The low volume per analysis (1.0-3.6 pi) together with the extremely fast heating and cooling device shortens analysis time by threefold and costs per analysis is significant reduced. The technology also allows the existing PCR applications to be easily adapted to it. FEATURES OF MICROCHIP PCR SYSTEM PCR analysis time (45 cycles) - 20 minutes ❖ high thermocycling rate (10-12 °C/s) Low sample and reagent consumption ❖ 0.5-1.8 pl of 2x PCR master mix ❖ 0.5-1.8 pl sample volume Low detection limits ❖ 1-5 DNA copies per microreactor Microchips with ready-to-use lyophilized PCR mixture ❖ reduce user labor Qualitative and quantitative DNA/RNA analysis ❖ simultaneously in 20-48 microreactors ❖ two detector channels (FAM, SYBR Green/ROX, Cy5) Minimizing contamination ❖ PCR is performed in a microchip isolated from environment ❖ chemical modification of the microchip surface Disp°sable microchips in microreactor . formats and materials: silicon microchips with SmaK footprint 20, 24, 30 microreactors; aluminum microchip ❖ minimize lab space requirements with 30 micr°react°rs.

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AriaDNA - 2

APPLICATIONS All frequently used real-time PCR applications can easily be implemented to the AriaDNA system. PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS AND SPECIFICATIONS EQUIPMENT AND OPTIONS ❖ Microchip Real-Time PCR Analyzer AriaDNA ❖ Software ❖ Microchip starter kit (5 pcs) ❖ Personal computer SERVICE ❖ Training and start-and-adjustment service ❖ Customer support and after sales service ❖ Consulting ❖ PCR reagents lyophilization SOFTWARE ❖ Real-time data monitoring ❖ User friendly graphical interface ❖ Automatic report generation ❖ CFR 21 Part 11 complaint ❖ Export results in industry standard data...

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