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Capel–105M - 1

Capillary electrophoresis system METHOD High performance capillary electrophoresis [HPCE] PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Based on the differential migration of components of aqueous samples within a narrow fused silica capillary driven by an electric field. Separated solutes are quantified by high sensitive spectrophotometer detector. ADVANTAGES OF CAPEL®-105M Extended instrumental options Precise liquid temperature control of capillary (± 0.1°C) User friendliness Powerful software package "Elforun®" Unique design of the CE instrument Spectra scanning facilitates peak identification Broad range of controlled injection pressures allows analysis of viscous samples. Reverse sample injection under vacuum: ultra-short analysis time (less than 1 min) and sample stacking to decrease detection limit Extended range of applied buffers, increased efficiency in separation Complete control of the instrument from a PC Standard Eppendorf type vial (1.5 mL) Increased flexibility in performing analysis of various complexity Any kind of complex runs are possible including those with preprogramming of changes in analysis conditions Customized report, data export to other programs Capillary cassette change just in a few seconds Lower Detection Limit due to the optimized optical sc

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Capel–105M - 2

ADVANTAGES OF HPCE METHOD Unique separation power (up to 1000000 TP] Extremely low reagents and samples consumption Very low analysis cost Fast analysis time EQUIPMENT AND OPTIONS Capillary electrophoresis system CAPEL®-105M Spare capillary cassette Elforun® software package Kits for analysis [by request); most of CE-kits of any manufacturers are compatible with CAPEL®-105M WARRANTY All CAPEL®-105M HPCE systems are covered by a 12-month warranty. SERVICES Installation of LUMEX instruments can be carried out at a Customer's site by our service engineers. Personnel training specific to the...

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