FT-NIR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-12


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FT-NIR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-12 - 1

NIR analyzers InfraLUM FT-12 and InfraLUM FT-12 WholeGrain ■ Rapid analysis of grain quality parameters (determination of protein, moisture, gluten content, glassiness and other parameters of wheat) ■ Determination of oil content, protein and other quality parameters of interest in cereal grains and oilseeds, and processed products ■ Analysis results are obtained within 1.5 minutes, no reagents required

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FT-NIR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-12 - 2

NIR ANALYZERS INFRALUM FT-12 AND INFRALUM FT-12 WHOLEGRAIN ARE COST-EFFECTIVE INSTRUMENTS FOR MONITORING THE GRAIN QUALITY PARAMETERS GRAIN ELEVATORS AND GRAIN TERMINALS NIR Analyzers InfraLUM FT-12 and InfraLUM FT-12 WholeGrain provide incoming grain quality control in each truck for grain storage and bulk handling according to prescribed quality parameters. The determination of the grain quality in each truck reduces the risk of inadequate grain placing in a grain silo and makes grain quality adulteration less probable. The use of NIR analyzers makes it possible to reduce the downtime of...

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FT-NIR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-12 - 3

MAIN APPLICATION EXAMPLES InfraLUM FT-12 Wheat grains Protein, moisture, gluten, fat, fiber, glassiness Wheat flour Protein, moisture, gluten, ash, whiteness Moisture, protein, oil, fiber, starch Protein, moisture, fiber Moisture, protein, oil, fiber Soya flour Moisture, protein, oil, fiber Moisture, oil, protein, erucic acid, glucosinolates Oil content, moisture, protein Phosphorus content Protein, moisture, amylose Moisture, starch, protein, fiber, ash Protein, moisture, fiber, fat Compound feed Protein, moisture, fat, ash, fiber Protein, moisture, fiber Protein, moisture, fiber Protein,...

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FT-NIR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-12 - 4

NIR analyzer InfraLUM FT-12 is a new versatile instrument that provides analyses of not only wheat and other cereal crops but also of oil–seeds, flour, compound feed raw materials, hay, haylage, fish flour, yeast and mineral fertilizers. NIR analyzer InfraLUM FT-12 WholeGrain is a whole grain analyzer, intended specifically to cope with routine tasks of whole grain analysis. NIR analyzer InfraLUM FT-12 shows high-performance in rapid analysis of other food products and raw material for their production, such as minced meat, raw milk and dry milk, curds, cottage cheese, etc. Automatic...

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