FTIR spectometer InfraLUM FT-08


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FT mid-IR Spectrometer InfraLUM FT-08 MM High signal-to-noise ratio MM Hermetically sealed optical compartment with the automated moisture monitoring system MM Enlarged cell compartment MM PIKE Technologies accessories MM Broad range of spectra databases

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FT mid-IR Spectrometer InfraLUM FT-08 The FT mid-IR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-08 has been designed basing on our extensive R&D and expertise in the IR spectroscopy. This multipurpose and easy-to-operate instrument provides a well suited option for various analytical laboratories. The high-quality misalignment-proof optics, high-resolution DLATGS detector, and a wide variety of accessories ensure the users’ absolute confidence in the high accuracy of the measurement data. Distinctive features of the FT mid-IR Spectrometer InfraLUM FT-08 MM Patented Doube Cat’s Eye misalignment-proof...

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EasiDiff™ diffuse reflectance accessory The PIKE Technologies EasiDiff™ is an economical, high quality diffuse reflectance accessory designed to analyze a wide variety of solid samples. It is most often used in the analysis of pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, inorganic solids and minerals, and powdered chemicals. µMAX™ sample compartment microscope The µMAX™ is an all new optical design for IR microanalysis, providing high performance sampling at low-cost with exceptional ease of use. The µMAX™ is the first sample compartment IR microscope capable of all microscope modes – transmission,...

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Performance characteristics and specifications 8000–350 cm-1 (KBr optics) Spectral range Wavenumber accuracy Variable resolution Scanning speed High resolution DLATGS Beam splitter Ge-coated KBr (or ZnSe) in a hermetically sealed desiccated casing Vibration- and misalignment-proof patented Double Cat’s Eye Interferometer Radiation source High-intensity long-life stabilized ceramic IR radiation source Power consumption Equipment and options MM InfraLUM FT-08 FT mid-IR spectrometer MM SpectraLUM software package MM Set of measuring cells, accessories, spectra libraries (on Customer’s request)...

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