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METHOD OF MEASUREMENT AND PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Atomic absorption spectrometry at 254 nm with Zeeman correction for interference-free measurements. APPLICATIONS ❖ Mercury determination in ambient air. ❖ Emergency response to mercury spills and verification of spill clean up. ❖ Workplace monitoring. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ❖ Easy to use. ❖ Fully Automated with built-in test cell and auto zero. ❖ Versatile design for laboratory and field applications. ❖ Low detection limit / highest selectivity within 5 orders of magnitude measuring range. ❖ No memory effect. ❖ Real-time operation at 1 reading per second display. ❖ Data logger for 122 hrs of data acquisition, averaging and storage. ❖ Multy-Power and Battery life up to 12 hours. ❖ USB and Bluetooth interface.

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LIGHT-915 - 2

APPLICATION SAMPLES Ambient air 0.1 to 3000 pg/m3 5 l/min Direct on-line DELIVERY SET Light-915 portable Zeeman mercury analyzer comes with: charger, Data Logger, software, shoulder bag, intake hose/filter, mercury filter, cables, calibration certificate, manual, Pelican shipping case. Datalogger software installation requires a PC with Windows® XP/Vista/7. WARRANTY Light-915 analyzer is covered by 12-months warranty. SPECIFICATIONS Size, mm Weight, kg/lbs Power supply Power consumption SERVICES Upon request installation and commissioning of Light-915 analyzers can be carried out on...

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