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CLARITY II™ Brochure - 1

• Higher power 755/1064nm platform for effective treatments up to 45%* faster • Brilliantly removes hair, pigment, and vascular lesions in all skin types • IntelliTrak™ technology and Temperature Sensing enable increased provider confidence and treatment efficacy Clarity II system is CE Marked and has US FDA clearance; some features may not be available in th

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TRANSFORM YOUR PATIENTS Brilliantly and rapidly remove hair, pigment, and vascular lesions in all skin types Delegate with confidence Treat up to 45%* faster with potentially fewer sessions to reach desired outcome Overcoming Practice Challenges CHALLENGES — Laser hair removal is not as profitable as it could be — Patients continue to request these common treatments and they expect quality results “Intelligent Care technology means practitioners can perform procedures more quickly and easily. With the Clarity II platform, IntelliTrak technology helps me deliver a more complete laser hair...

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CLARITY II™ Brochure - 3

ADDITIONAL VALUABLE FEATURES RESULTS YOUR PATIENTS WILL LOVE Facial Fine Hair Removal Flat top beam profile allows uniform energy distribution. Skin Revitalization Smart Multi-Spot Cartridges Flat Top Beam Profile at 755/1064 nm Pigment Reduction Multi-Spot design allows ‘quick zoom’ saving time during treatment. Eyebrow line Hybrid Cooling Reshape the eyebrow using the 3x10 spot size. Utilize both ICD and Air cooling systems. Intelligent Care™ Convenient “parameter capture” button Allows users to save and label custom parameters in 128 available memory slots. EFFECTIVE — Versatile...

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CLARITY II™ Brochure - 4

Clarity II™ Intelligent Design in Action Standby/Ready Button Finger Switch for Laser The above preset temperature ranges can be adjusted based on user preference. IntelliTrak™ Technology Protective Window helps improve treatment coverage, speed and consistency. Freehand Stamping Slow, incomplete coverage takes more time IntelliTrak Rapid, consistent coverage takes less time IntelliTrak is designed to precisely deliver energy pulses at a user-selected overlap density. LED indicator on the handpiece helps inform the user of the optimal rolling speed for fast and effective treatments....

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CLARITY II™ Brochure - 5

ONLY Clarity II™ delivers an unmatched ‘fluence and speed’ combination with IntelliTrak™ for excellent clinical results and practice ROI. Fluence and Speed examples with 755 nm at 3 ms Spot Size (mm) Clarity II Attributes Wavelength(s) Single Fiber Delivery Pulse Energy (Max Fluence) Pulse Width (ms) Pulse Rate (Hz) Multi-Spots (12 sizes)* Emission Control Cooling Type Dimensions & Weight Electrical Rating 755 nm / 1064 nm (Alexandrite / Nd:YAG) Lens-coupled optical fiber with Handpiece (works with all spot sizes) Max 100 J at Nd:YAG Max 60 J at Alexandrite (Max Fluence: 600 J/cm2) 0.10 ms...

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