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BioLector® II High-Throughput Microfermentations 48 Parallel Microbioreactors Real-Time Measurements Microbial Screening Scalability Automation

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Reliable Bioprocess Development BioLector ® II The BioLector® II is the next generation of the robust easy-to-use microfermentation system. It performs reproducibly high-throughput fermentations with the real-time measurements of the most common fermentation parameters (biomass, pH, DO and fluorescent molecules). The proven microbioreactor BioLector® is successfully implemented in the biotechnology industry with recurring customers using multiple systems. The system is based on a standard microtiter plate format and operates with non-invasive, optical sensors. Due to the continuous and...

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Operating Principle Online Parameters • Biomass concentration • pH value • Dissolved oxygen (DO) • NAD(P)H and riboflavins • Fluorescent molecules (GFP, YFP, DsRed ...) System Performance • Working volume of 800 - 2400 pL • 48 parallel microreactions • Broad range of kLa values (25 - 600 1/h) • Continuous gas exchange and oxygen supply • Equal power input to each reactor • Defined engineering parameters and scalability • Controlled gas atmosphere (CO2, O2 and N2) • Humidity control (> 75 % rH) • Temperature control (5 °C below room temperature) with active cooling Dissolved oxygen Biomass &...

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• Real-time kinetics out of 48 parallel fermentations • Microfermentation in standard MTP format • Combined with a robotic liquid handling module: • Batch and fed-batch • Media preparation • High-throughput and easy automation • Broad range for biomass detection (equivalent to up to 250 OD600, 50 g/L CDW, measured with £. coli) Data Analysis with the BioLection Software • Biomass measurement is online and does not require dilution • Low pH measurements in the range of 4-6 • Small volume (800 - 2400 pi L) • No edge effects • Continuous shaking operation (no artifacts) • Defined mass transfer...

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System Art.-No.: G-BL 102Operation conditions Note: The BioLector® II includes the BioLection software. Optical measurements Filter configuration up to 6 different filters Preinstalled filters Biomass, Riboflavin, pH and DO MTP read time ~1.5 min /parameter/48 wells depending on parameter measured and shaking frequency Scattered light Resolution > 50 NTU, at densities measurement "1 higher than 500 NTU, 10 % of measured value for example E. coli in FlowerPlate® (MTP-48-xx), 1 - 250 OD600, "2 Ranges, measurement and pH control Calibration Precalibrated plates ~4 - 6 (low pH module) with <...

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m2p-labs is an internationally leading supplier of microbioreactors. The company focuses on microreaction and automated solutions for screening and bioprocess development. The microfermentation technology enables customers to conduct experiments with great efficiency and excellent quality at low costs. More knowledge from small scale leads to more rational and reliable decisions in the development of bioprocesses. EUROPE m2p-labs GmbH Arnold-Sommerfeld-Ring 2 52499 Baesweiler Germany Phone +49-2401-805-330 Fax +49-2401-805-333 USA m2p-labs, Inc. 62-64 Enter Lane Islandia,...

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