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RoboLector® Automated Fermentation High-Throughput Real-Time Monitoring Scalability Individually triggered sampling and induction

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The Robotic Solution for your Fermentation RoboLector ® The RoboLector® is a proprietary combination of a liquid handling robot with a BioLector®. This unique automated fermentation platform integrates the high-throughput fermentation and online monitoring capability of the BioLector® with the precise liquid handling of a robotic system. Automated fermentations with the RoboLector® allow highly elaborate experimental design. The platform a utonomously prepares media compositions, e. g. from pre-programmed design of experiment (DoE) templates. Online fermentation monitoring for each...

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Full Process Understanding Operating Principle Fermentation Modes • DO or time controlled feeding • Fed-batch with bolus feeding • Repeated fed-batch • Biomass dependent sampling or dosing • Time dependent sampling or dosing • pH adjustments Online Trigger Signals • Biomass concentration • pH, DO (using optodes) • Fluorescent molecules (GFP, YFP, DsRed ...) • NAD(P)H and riboflavins • Process or induction time • Working volume Access of pipetting tips to the shaking microtiter p

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Process Design Software Advantages • utomated upstream processing of up to A 48 parallel fermentations • ontinuous operation 24 hours/day and C 7 days/week • Plug & Play disposable technology • Design of experiments (DoE) • Detailed process understanding in short time • Excellent pipetting accuracy (< 5 %, 50-950 µl) and reproducibility (CV < 5 %, 50-950 µl) • Reliable scale up to lab-fermenters • Fast and easy data analysis • A valuable tool for PAT and QbD • rocessing units possible (for custom P made solutions1) RoboLector® Agent Software for Fermentation Process Design

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RoboLector® RoboLector® The RoboLector® is a proprietary combination of a liquid handling robot and the BioLector®. 1 Optionally, the BioLector® can be integrated into other standard liquid handling systems. 2 Valve Control Unit (VCU) needs to be placed in close proximity to BioLector® Pro. ORDERING Leasing option available

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m2p-labs is an internationally leading supplier of microbioreactors. The company focuses on microbioreaction and automated solutions for screening and bioprocess development. The microfermentation technology enables customers to conduct experiments with great efficiency and excellent quality at low costs. More knowledge from small scale leads to more rational and reliable decisions in the development of bioprocesses. EUROPE m2p-labs GmbH Arnold-Sommerfeld-Ring 2 52499 Baesweiler Germany Phone +49-2401-805-330 Fax +49-2401-805-333 N. & S. AMERICAS m2p-labs, Inc. 62-64 Enter...

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