Round Well Plate


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Round Well Plate - 1

Round Well Plate First Choice for Deeper Knowledge k. Low to Medium Oxygen Transfer High-Throughput Fermentation Real-Time Monitoring Scalability Round Well Plate

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Round Well Plate - 2

Round Well Plate More Insights in Less Time Measurement Principle Dissolved Oxygen Biomass & Fluorescence pH-value Measurement Example Growth studies with Sf-9 suspension cells with different inoculation cell densities in 48-well Round Well Plate. Medium 0.5 × 106 cells mL-1 0.75 × 106 cells mL-1 Ordering Info EU: +49-2401-805-330 order USA: +1-631-501-1878 orderUS Asia: +852-6092-6778 48 Well Round Well Plate incl. pH and DO optode / well incl. DO optode / well incl. pH optode / well transparent bottom, without optodes black bottom, for offline...

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