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MA Dental 2021 - 1

dental instruments in Scandinavia Sharp instruments Sharper - Harder - Durable

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MA Dental 2021 - 2

14 years of excellence New edition - MA Dental is pleased to present the most recent version of our dental instrument catalog to you. It includes our whole line of dental and surgical instruments, including our ergonomic silicone line, InstruDents (IDX). It also includes our latest line of sharp instruments, plastic cassettes, and instruments with stainless steel handles, among other things. The aim of this catalog is to make selecting and buying any form of instrument used in everyday dentistry as simple as possible. Profile: - MA Dental (formerly MA Medicals) is a Danish company founded...

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MA Dental 2021 - 3

What our customers say about us Dr Anil Shrestha BDS, BSc(Hons), DGDP(UK), MGDS RCS(Eng), MSc(Lond), MFDS RCSEd., MFDS RCPS(Glas), FFGDP RCS(Eng), FICD., Clinical Director / Registered Specialist in Prosthodontics - WImpole Street, London W1G “Having only ever used premium surgical instruments for the past 20 years, I have very discerning and exacting requirements of my hand instruments to enable me to produce the consistently high quality of work required in private specialist practice. The selection of restorative instruments from INSTRUDENTS IDX complement my usual instruments perfectly;...

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MA Dental 2021 - 4

ANTI-RUST INSTRUMENT Produced with quality stainless-steel Excellent wear resistant Resharpenable FEEL THE GRIP! IDX instruments receive excellent reviews on their ergonomics and grip. PRODUCT INFORMATION The instrument’s name, size & articles number are written on it for easy recognition. HANDLE THICKNESS & WEIGHT Max thickness Ø: 12mm weighs approx. 14g Light weight Orange Special blue Serenity Storm Gray Ultra Voilet Light Green Marsala Red Yellow Radiant Orchid Light Pink EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP Skilled craftsmen have delivered an outstanding instrument! Accredited by our clincal tests...

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MA Dental 2021 - 5

Premium Instrument There are two types of titanium oxide coated instruments available. (1) Fully titanium coated (2) Only the handle is titanium coated. Titanium coating is a highly scratch resistant material applied on the instrument and has a long working life as compared to non-coated instruments. It has several benefits such as: Its hygiene friendly, easy to clean, non-stick & sharpen free instrument (only fully titanium coated) Non-stick working-end Hygeine friendly Easy to clean Hollow handle light weight 8 mm Classic Instrument The classic instruments series are single-ended and...

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MA Dental 2021 - 6

Mini Gracey & Rigid Gracey 13 Expros: Explorer + Periodontal Probes 24-25 Mouth Mirrors and handles 26 Restoration / Composite kits 37 Rubberdam instruments / Clamps 38-39 Matrix retainers / Crown instruments 40 Oral & Micro Surgery 53 Scalpel, rulers, color-coded rings 84

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MA Dental 2021 - 7

Periodontics Sharp instruments | Gracey curettes Universal Curettes | Mini Gracey & Rigid Gracey Sickle Scalers | Perio kits

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MA Dental 2021 - 8

Sharp Instruments Sharper - Harder - Durable Non-stick features! Sharpen free & non-stick Supreme wear resistant Durable & long lasting sharpness Easy to clean & hygiene friendly Minimal reflection Sharp instruments are available with two handle options. One is in a premium handle (black titanium coated). The second option is the IDX ergonomic silicone handle. Sharp instruments are manufactured with premium quality sharp Swiss steel. Most dental instruments have an HRC rating of 51-53. HRC is the recognized industry rating that defines the sharpness of an instrument. Due to our unique heat...

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MA Dental 2021 - 9

Handle Option Sharp Instruments Gracey curettes

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MA Dental 2021 - 10

Handle Option Sharp Instruments Sickle Scalers Sharp Jack Scaler IDX 15058

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MA Dental 2021 - 11

Gracey Curettes Scaling and root planing are commonly performed with Gracey curettes. Since the instrument's configuration allows for better adaptation to the anatomy of the roots, these curettes are particularly useful for removing subgingival calculus. ♦ All-surfaces ♦ Mesial ♦ Buccal/Lingual ♦ Distal

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MA Dental 2021 - 12

Handle Option Non-stick Gracey curettes Gracey curette: 1-2 Gracey curette: 3-4 Gracey curette: 5-6 8 pcs Non-stick standard gracey curette kit 982 Gracey curettes types Blade shank 50% less & 10% thinner Standard Ideal for removing subgingival calculus. Thicker, rigid & wider working-end than standard Gracey Ideal for more pressure to be applied .

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MA Dental 2021 - 13

Mini Gracey curettes Mini Gracey curettes have a 3mm longer terminal shank than normal Gracey curettes. The blade shank of the mini Gracey curette is 50% shorter and 10% thinner than that of the regular Gracey curette. Scaling deep, narrow pockets with mini Gracey curettes is a smart idea. Mini Gracey 1-2 Rigid Gracey Rigid Gracey's blade shank is thicker and more rigid than the regular model, and its working end is slightly wider.

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MA Dental 2021 - 14

Handle Option Universal curettes Columbia 13-14 Available in non-stick in premium handle Langer Curettes Barnhart Curettes Mini Langer Curettes Mini Langer 1-2 Soft tissue Curettes Mini Langer 5-6 Soft tissue curette: Left Single-end Soft tissue curette: Right Single-end

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MA Dental 2021 - 15

Handle Option Universal curettes Duplex curettes Duplex curettes are the combination of gracey curette and Universal curette into one instrument Mini Duplex curettes Universal curette and Gracey 11/12 and Gracey 13/14 curettes - Mini Duplex curette is ideal for narrow and deep pockets Duplex curette Gracey 11/12 for mesial surfaces and Gracey 13/14 for distal surfaces McCalls curettes Mini McCall 13S-14S IDX 13031 The M23 curette is super like a universal curette. Reporting back positively" Dr. Birgitte Skadborg Brædstrup Implantatcenter Denmark

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MA Dental 2021 - 16

Handle Option Sickle Scalers Hoe Scaler Hoe Scaler, anterior IDX 13054

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MA Dental 2021 - 17

Handle Option Sickle Scalers Kirkland scalers Non-stick Sickle Scalers Easy to clean, hygiene friendly, minimal reflection, sharpen free

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MA Dental 2021 - 18

Perio kits Mini Hygiene set IDX 17085 The Mini Hygiene kit features five instruments, including a hygiene scaler and commonly used Gracey curettes for particular areas. Either a Manage-5 (Plastic) or Mini-5 (Stainless-steel) cassette is available with this package. IDX 13024 | H6-H7 - Hygiene scaler IDX 13008 | Gracey 1-2 IDX 13015 | Gracey 7-8 IDX 13016 | Gracey 9-10 IDX 13009 | Gracey 11-12 Manage5 cassette or Mini stainless steel cassette Mini Hygiene set with small tray (stainless steel) IDX 17085s A Swedish dentist has created this hygienist pack. It's the ideal starter kit for...

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