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The Best On-Site Solution for Hospitals & Clinics Bio-Medical Waste Crtiinar Waste Hygimed converts bio medical waste into ordinary waste by shredding with simultaneous chemical disinfecting at the hospital site. Hygimed was designed especially for hospitals and all kinds of medical institutions who need to manage hazardous biomedical waste.

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Heaith-care activities protect and restore health and save lives. But what about the waste and by-products they generate? It is extremely important to manage hospital generated waste properly in order to avoid health and environmental risks. Hospital waste potentially exposes health care workers, waste handlers, patients and the community at large to infection, to toxic effects and injuries. The management of health-care waste requires increased attention and diligence to avoid the substantial disease burden associated with poor practice It is essential that bio-medical waste materials are...

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COMPARING HYGIMED TECHNOLOGY TO ALTERNATIVES Cost savings Hygimed Off site treatment • Best fit for hospitals • Lower foot print

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BEST SOLUTION FOR HOSPITAL BIO-WASTE CHEMICAL DISINFECTING Liter SANITARY WASTE Hygimed benefits to the user 1. Hospital best fit 2. On-site & on spot waste treatment 3. Shredding process is shrinking the waste up to 90% 4. Minimal intermediate storage 5. Disinfection process avoids moisture build up and deodorizes waste 6. Operation site is compact, basic infrastructure & relatively clean 7. The on site process eliminates the need for special transportation 8. Low investment and operational cost 9. Low maintenance expenses 10. Quick return on investment Hygimed Environmental benefits 1....

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Typical Bio-Medical Waste Sharp objects    Lab ware Red bag and bucket waste (Bio) Gloves Suction canisters    Dialyzers Surgical waste    Plasma filters Pathological waste (Tissues)    Surgical tubing Glass tools    Trace chemo Technology Accerditations ✓ Cal / N.Y USA EPA 2004, 2015 ✓ UK Environmental Agency (EA) 1990 ✓ Australia Environmental Agency (EA) 2000 ✓ CE: EN 60204-1 & EC 2006/42 & EC 2006/42 ✓ ISO 9001:2015 STAATT: State and Territorial Association on Alternate Treatment Technologies. Level III: Inactivation of vegetative bacteria, fungi, lipophilic/hydrophilic viruses,...

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International distributor Ashyion Systems itd +972 526797262

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