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General Purpose Incubator F Description: A-series direct heating incubators offer an economical incubation method to a variety of micro-organism cultures. As a standard feature, all incubators have a high-tech microprocessor controller that maintains accurate temperature control (PID) of the chamber in the range of ambient +5°C to 65°C. With an accuracy of ±0.1°C, a user-friendly sealed control panel allows easy digital setting and fast readout of time and temperature as well as an alarm signal if there is a deviation from set point parameters. The processor of our incubators can store up to 9 programs-18 stepsinto a “non-volatile” memory. Programs can be used for running multiple "ramp and soak" cycles up to 99 times. Of course the incubators can also be used as a constant (one) temperature incubator. F Features:  P.I.D. microprocessor ensures the precision of temperature control under both fixed value mode and program mode.  Fully programmable through the keyboard (9 programs/18 steps).  Forced-air circulation provides uniformity of ±0.5°C@37°C  Audible and visible alarm on over temperature.  Password protection against unauthorized access to all settings.  Non-volatile memory retains preset parameters after an accidental power interruption.  Large LCD display for easy parameters setting and fast readout.  Inner glass door provides complete visibility to the chamber.

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Cooled Incubators MAAN BOD incubators are  designed to meet a variety  of advanced experimental  needs, ranging from BOD  determination to  determination to incubation of micro‐ organism cultures,  preservation of samples,  Drosophila incubation and  determination of enzymatic  activities. Features:   A. P.I.D. microprocessor ensures the precision of  temperature control under both fixed value mode and  temperature control under both fixed value mode and program mode.   B. Large blue LCD display for temperature diagram, easy readout for program control. C....

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Features: * P.I.D. microprocessor ensures the precision of temperature control under both fixed value mode and program mode. * Large blue LCD display for temperature diagram, easy readout for program control. * Three-dimensional heating system ensures fast response, and high uniformity of ±1.0°C@37°C. * Sound cooling system with CFC free refrigerant and automatic defrosting system. * Real-time electronic timer from 0 to 999 minutes. * Alarms for sensor failure, high and low temperature and power cut. * Password protection of all parameters against unauthorized access. * Non-volatile memory...

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 Direct Heating and air jacket system  Class infrared (IR )CO2 sensor  Outer Door locker  St.St. water pan  Printer built-in (option)  Warless data logging (option)

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Heating mode  Control method  Temp. Range (C)  Temp. uniformity (C)   Temp. accuracy (C)   Ambient temp. range (C)     PID microprocessor   0‐20   ≤ ±0.2  IR, Single beam ,dual wavelength, Auto zeroing   Humidity   Water pan   Humidification method  Humidity range (RH)  Humidity display resolution (RH)    Internal volume   Internal dimension (WxDxH) mm  External dimension (WxDxH) mm  Net/Gross weight   No. of shelves (Stand/Max)  Max. Load per Shelf  Shelves  size (WxD) mm  Electricity  

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Shaking incubators Features: •Powerful triple drive mechanism •PID microprocessor controller •User-friendly sealed control panel •Large, easy-to-read LCD display •Electronic timer from 1 minute to 500 hours •Non-volatile memory function •Alarms programmed to warn

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Shaking Incubators MAAN double layer shaking incubators are  widely used in germ culture, hybridization,  biochemical research, enzyme and cellular  tissues. All of these tests require high  temperature performance and stabile  temperature performance and stabile oscillation frequency.  Features:  Features: A. Microprocessor controller with audible and visual alarms maintains precise temperature and speed control. B. CFC‐free refrigerant causes no CFC free refrigerant causes no damage to ozone layer.(Only applies on models with Cooling capacity) C. Users friendly control panel allows...

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