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Dental Electrosurgery Faster than laser. Smoother than a scalpel. 21 Shay Lane Milton, DE 19968 P: 302-645-8068 F: 302-645-7049

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Dental Electrosurgery - 2

50 Years Strong... Macan is committed to quality and supporting the American economy. The Radiosurge (MC-6A) is a high precision dental electrosurgery unit especially for the aesthetically demanding aspects of prosthodontics including safe implant exposure. Comes with autoclavable reusable 6pc. "Ultra-Flex" electrode set, surgery handpiece & cord, unique "flexi-plate" dispersive pad that works through clothing & eliminates positioning for each case, dispersive plate cord, owner's manual, 3 year warranty (unit only). Rated at 3 MHz. Great as a laser adjunct in all dental specialties. Capable...

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Dental Electrosurgery - 3

MC4A Economically Priced Dental Electrosurgery’s most advanced technology! Isolated Hospital Grade Circuitry “Spark-Free” Technology* Modern dental practice involve gingival tissue management as a part of the restorative process to a degree never before seen. The MC-4A “spark-free” technology, which incorporates RF band pass filtrations, adds significantly to patient comfort by eliminating spark induced sensation and helps to reduce the risk of tissue recession necessary for successful immediate impressions in crown preparation, crown lengthening, and other aesthetically critical...

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Dental Electrosurgery - 4

Faster than laser. Smoother than a scalpel. Radio surge Patient friendly “spark free” cutting Superior clinical results Reduced chair time Safe, simple, versatile operation Easily moved for use in multiple offices The most cost effective ESU for your practice Hospital grade isolated circuitry For many procedures including: Eliminate cord packing in crown lengthening Complete gingivectomy in half the time Teeth whitening with minimal effo

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Dental Electrosurgery - 5

Ability to eliminate bleeding Healing Time (plane) tissue Very High Removes readable biopsy specimens Width of denatured zone Smoke produced Scar tissue produced Bacterial-Free incisions Ability to cut tooth structure Needs Local Anesthesia "Spark-Free" Technology* Modern dental practice involves gingival tissue management as a part of the restorative process to a degree never before seen. The^^^g'tepark-free" technology, which incorporates RF band pass filtration, adds significantly to patient comfort by eliminating sensations and helps to reduce the risk of tissue recession necessary for...

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Dental Electrosurgery - 6

By any definition, the finest electrosurgical unit Proven performance and commitment to quality electrosurgical products stand behind every Macan Radio electrosurgical surge unit. That’s why we believe you won’t find a better, more reliable electrosurgical unit anywhere, regardless of price. Uniform power output with three different wave form settings for CUT, BLEND and COAG provide outstanding versatility and predictability to perform the full range of electrosurgical procedures with unequaled safety. Innovative circuitry and features designed for maximum ease of use and efficiency create...

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Dental Electrosurgery - 7

Unit Includes: a comprehensive electrosurgery technique manual, flexible dispersive plate and an autoclaveable handpiece and cord with six ultra-flex bendable tips. The dispersive plate and handpiece feature standard eight-foot cables for convenience and freer movement during use. Size: 11-1/2"x 6-1/2"x 2-3/4"(205.5 cu. in.) RF active indicator light when electrode is activated. Audible tone concurrent with a tone unique to each waveform An infinitely variable attenuator-type power control with settings from 0 -10 ensures the ability to match the power flow precisely to need. Control stops...

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Dental Electrosurgery - 8

BPF-C2 Angled style, serrated 100mm, .75mm tips BPF-S1 Jeweler’s style, smooth 114mm, micro tip BPF-S2 Straight iris style, serrated 100mm, .75mm tip BPF-C1 Curved Jeweler’s style, smooth 114mm, micro tip FDP-1 Flexible Dispersive Plate HPAC-1 Monopolar Hand Piece

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Dental Electrosurgery - 9

Electrodes UltraFlex (Bendable) & Rigid UltraFlex (bendable) electrodes pictured throughout brochure. To order rigid electrodes, substitute the “UF” prefix with

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Dental Electrosurgery - 10

DENTAL ULTRAFLEX BENDABLE ELECRODES INCISION: All below have fine .010” tungsten surgical wire for precise incision with minimum tissue alteration UF-F1 Adjustotip variable length, angled shaft (adjustable depth, especially effective posteriorly) 6mm wire, straight shaft, ante- 6mm wire, angled shaft rior specific UF-F13 6mm wire, shaft reversed for posterior access 1,5 mm ball, angled shaft (for small area forced coagulation) 3mm ball, angled shaft (for 13mm .025” wire, straight shaft 13mm .025” wire, bent to 80 medium area forced co(for small spot forced coagulation, degrees @ 10mm,...

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Dental Electrosurgery - 11

GINGIVAL TROUGHING: These electrodes are made of fine .010” surgical tungsten wire for minimal tissue alteration. They are also excellent for fine shaving and tissue tag removal. Those not specific to anterior access are suitable for both anterior and posterior, also, interproximal where access permits. NOTE: the UF-SN61 and R-SN62 stainless steel fulguration electrodes are also suitable for narrow, shallow troughing ( UF-SN61 is .5mm X 3mm and R-SN62 is 2mm X 6mm ). Deeper cuts with these electrodes may create some circatrix, however. The UF-SN61 fits easily interproximally. Due to the...

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Dental Electrosurgery - 12

RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY UF-F1, UF-11 incision, crown eleongation, composite exposure, subgingival carie exposure UF-L22 pupotomy, remove tissue tags, gigivectomy UF-L34 hyperplastic tissue planning, frenectomy UF-L35 gingival contouring, palatal stripping, crown lengthening UF-SN62 spot fulguration, coagulation of pin point exposure UF-C52 large area coagulation, desensitizing hypersensitive dentin, bleaching UF-F13 per UF-F11, except specific to posterior access UF-C15 interproximal coagulation ORAL SURGERY UF-F1, UF-F11 incision, operculectomy, uninterrupted tooth exposure, cyst enucleation...

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