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Modern dental practice involves gingival tissue management as a part of the restorative process to a degree never before seen. The "spark-free" technology, which incorporates RF band pass filtration, adds significantly to patient comfort by eliminating sensations and helps to reduce the risk of tissue recession necessary for successful immediate impressions in crown preparation, crown lengthening, and other aesthetically critical procedures by dramatically reducing collateral heat production. This technology is used in ophthalmic coagulators where very tight control of coagulum is critical. H Floating Return Technology Floating return technology not brings to the dental suite the electrical safety common to operating room general surgery units, but allows the safe, effective application of bipolar coagulation without taking the extra ordinary precautions required for ground referenced NEW... patient friendly "spark free" cutting. ■ Superior clinical results ■ Safe, simple, versatile operation ■ Easily moved for use in multiple offices For many procedures including: H Eliminate cord packing in crown lengthening H Complete gingivectomy in half the time H Teeth whitening with minimal effort

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By any definition, the finest electrosurgical unit you can buy, at any price. Proven performance and commitment to quality electrosurgical products stand behind every Macan -^Ijgjg, electrosurgical unit. That's why we believe you won't find a better, more reliable electrosurgical unit anywhere, regardless of price. Innovative circuitry and features designed for maximum ease of use and efficiency create a machine of exceptional capability, remarkably safe and simple to use. Its compact size and shape fit comfortably on countertop or shelf, with handpiece and dispersive plate jacks...

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