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MACAWI Respiratory Blower Specifications High performance blower for respiratory applications The MACAWI Radial blower for Respiratory applications is specially designed for high pressure efficiency combined with high flow capability which makes it the best choice for applications requiring higher pressures. For optimal responsiveness, very low rotary inertia is essential. This has been an important requirement for the choice of the motor and the construction of the impeller of the turbine. Special driving software has been developed, that guarantees lowest power consumption during all ventilation scenarios. Consequently, very high respiratory rates are possible and very good responsiveness to respiratory efforts. The mechanical design has been optimized for simple integration into a housing regarding noise reduction and mechanical vibration absorption. Where most blowers are constructed with a tangential outlet MACAWI technology is based on the flow-through construction with a patented helicoidally shaped outlet which enables the circular construction of the housing.

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BLOWER PERFORMANCE BLOWER PROPERTIES Property UN Pel. at 2 kPa at 0 flow Pel. at 6 kPa at 0 flow Max. Pressure at 0 flow Max. output flow Max. speed Maximum pressure response Operating temperature Relative air humidity Expected Life time at moderate ventilation loads Gas media compliancy Dimensions Blower mass excl. electronics (1 at 101 kPa environmental pressure (2 not continuously, depends on thermal management Value 24 VDC ~4 W 1 ~17 W 1 >10 kPa2 >200L/min. 1 100.000 RPM >5 kPa / 100 msec. 1 (dependent of resp. circuit compliance) -20 - + 60 °C 5 - 95% R.H. > 30.000 hrs. Blower design...

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Performance MACAW I Respiratory blower Figure 1 Maximum performance continuous pressure /flow Figure 2 Pressure - Motorspeed characteristic The shown data is only applicable for dynamic use of the blower. The design is not meant for static high pressure high flow situations because of the maximum motor power of the BLDC Motor.

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MOTOR CONTROLLER ELECTRICAL OPERATING CONDITIONS Property Value Power supply voltage 24V DC ±10% Peak current up to 5A Continuous current Nominal power consumption ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING CONDITIONS Property Value Temperature -20 - + 60 degrees C Relative air humidity 5 - 95% R.H. Remark at 24V max. during max. 200 msec. at maximum inspiratory pressure setting at 24V during inspiration at maximum inspiratory pressure setting at 24V depending on ventilation settings and patient DIGITAL INTERFACE Property Serial interface Commands Value UART compatible Digital speed control Analog speed...

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