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MACAWI Respiratory Module Specifications The most versatile source for artificial ventilation available in the market. With the MACAWI Respiratory Module a versatile and highly flexible solution for both neonatal and adult ventilators is available now. MACAWI offers you a solution for short time to market development of a ventilator in NICU, PICU, ICU and Emergency & transport applications. The Respiratory Module is a unique OEM product which distinguishes itself from existing systems in size versus functionality, power consumption versus performance and robustness versus sensitivity.

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BASIC SOFTWARE PACKAGE VENTILATION MODES Ventilation mode PC-CMV VC-CMV PC-SIMV VC-SIMV PC-SIMV+ PC-ACV VC-ACV Spn-CPAP Continuous Flow VENTILATION MANEUVERS Inspiratory hold maneuver Common commercial name PC (Pressure Control) VC (Volume Control) SIMV(PC) SIMV(VC) Bi-Level Ventilation, PC-BIPAP ACV(PC) ACV(VC) CPAP Continuous Flow at pre-set O2 concentration REAL-TIME SIGNALS Remark Manual start or generation of prolonged inspiration time Airway Pressure Patient Flow Patient Volume VENTILATION MODE OPTIONS Ventilation mode option NIV (Non Invasive Ventilation) PS (Pressure Support) on top...

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OTHER VENTILATION RELATED FUNCTIONALITY Functionality Proximal patient flow measurement (including purge system) Proximal airway pressure measurement (including purge system) Triggering functionality in all modes on flow and or Pressure Leakage compensation up to > 50 L/min Nebulizer control output (driver for valve) HPO Input LPO Input Compensation of compressible volume Oxygen sensor interface SYSTEM TEST Functionality Blower functionality Pressure sensor functionality Flow sensor functionality Proximal flow sensor calibration System leakage test and compressible volume determination...

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OPERATING CONDITIONS ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING CONDITIONS Quantity Range Remark Temperature -20 - + 55 degrees C Technical operating Operating temperature 0 - +40 degrees C Full accuracy Relative air humidity 5 - 95% R.H. Air Pressure 500 - 1100 hPa. At 500 – 700 hPa: reduced performance Module lifetime expectancy > 30.000 hours At moderate Ventilation level¹ Noise generation < 40 dB At a pressure of 40 cmH2O, ISO 3744 1 Pinsp = 20 mbar, PEEP = 5 mbar, Tslope = 200ms, RR = 12 /min at Rp5C20 ELECTRICAL OPERATING CONDITIONS Quantity Range Power Supply Voltage 24V DC ±10% Peak current up to 5A...

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