F560 Automatic Hematology Analyzer


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Automatic Hematology Analyzer

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<> Accuracy is profession <» Accuracy is life • Accuracy is every step

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F560 Automatic Hematology Analyzer - 3

Automatic Hematology Analyzer F 560 Automatic Hematology Analyzer combines core technology with compact frame. Flexible and customized capability meets different requirements of clinical labs.

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F560 Automatic Hematology Analyzer - 4

Specific nucleic acid combination and advanced molecular biological staining guarantee the accuracy of the measurement results. Micro blood volume handles variety of blood collection dilemmas. High sensitivity enables various alarm information, foremost the low level abnormal cells detection, greatly enhance lab's analysis capability. After-sales experts support pre-assay quality control and blood routine process optimization. Fluorescence staining of nucleic acid Sensitive alarm to abnormal cells 20ul micro blood sampling

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F560 Automatic Hematology Analyzer - 5

Test Channels Multi-channels run independently to maximally avoid interference An individual channel to distinguish BASO from other leukocytes gives more accurate classification Free to switch between CBC and CBC+DIFF Whole blood, capillary blood and pre-dilution blood are available Gentle sample-processing generates excellent results on aging samples Automated data storage and backup User-friendly, simple and intuitive for operation Self-Report system available with Bi-Directional Commnication

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MCCURA BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Add: 8#, 2nd Anhe Road, Hi-tech Zone, 611731 Chengdu Tel: +86 28 81731888 E-mail: maccura@maccura.com *Notice To operate the instrument safely and properly, please following the instructions before use. 1.Read the “User Manual” thoroughly before the first use. 2.Contact dealers for maintenance, technique training and reagent purchasing. 3.This brochure is for reference purpose only and subject to change without notice.

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