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MAGNETIC AND LIFE SCIENCE SYSTEMS Magnetic Stimulation Stimulation Coils

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PowerMAG stimulation coils have been developed continuously together with main users, resulting in coils with the highest quality, accuracy and efficiency. By this means, the best outcome has been achieved, both in effectiveness and usability of the coils. Application-oriented coil geometries and the electromagnetic properties draw on all the potentials of PowerMAG TMS system. Both depth and area of the stimulation plays a major role in achieving the desired stimulation results. Double coil and precision coil have a similiar stimulation depth of about 3 cm beneath the coil however, the...

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Stimulation Coil Technology Coil Housing The stimulation coil is housed in a robust plastic cover, which is able to resist the mechanical stress induced by stimulation pulses. Moreover, it ensures a good electrical insulation between the copper wire and the coil surface. The material used is also biocompatible, eliminating any injurious or toxic effects when contacting the stimulation coil. The coil handle consists of a synthetic material that has a high mechanical resistance and also good electrical insulation properties. It is designed ergonomically to increase the comfort as well as...

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POWER MAG STIMULATION COILS This stimulation coil has the largest stimulation spot within all coils. It also has a high penetration depth, enabling the stimulation to reach the brain cortex. The coil is perfect for cortical, spinal and peripheral applications. Outstanding precision with a sharp field distribution is the main characteristic of this coil. It is very suitable for the selective stimulation of individual areas as well as cortical and spinal

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This very focal coil is designed in a more compact geometry. The coil makes an excellent choice for combining TMS with EEG simultaneously, for example in sleep research. This coil generates the most focal stimulation with decentralized focus. It is therefore very practical when using the coil for paired coil applications, i.e. two or more independent stimulation sites with close proximity to be stimulated simultaneously.

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Customized MR Coil with Holder and Tools Combining TMS with MRI is technically challenging, since both methods work with a huge amount of magnetic field. Therefore this combination requires many adjustments to make it work. One of the requirement is to eliminate the use of ferrous metals. MAG & More offers a tailor-made MR coil and coil holder within its tool set. By removing the ferrous metals used in the normal stimulation coil, this MR-compatible coil minimizes the artefacts in MR image. In addition, the MR coil is also equipped with RF filter which reduces the RF noise induced by the...

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