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The PowerMAG series open up new application possibilities in therapy/ diagnosis and research. Surpassing every expectation placed on a highly developed medical device, PowerMAG belongs to the top class of magnetic stimulators. The combination of high-performance stimulator, state-of-the-art coils and various advanced equipment enables a versatile usage of PowerMAG systems. The simple and intuitive design ensures a user-friendly environment when using the stimulator. The PowerMAG stimulator works in combination with specially designed stimulation coils. A broad range of stimulation coils...

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PowerMAG clinicalPOWER AND PRECISION IN ONE STIMULATOR The PowerMAG clinical series is designed especially for use in surgery and clinics. A special attention is paid not only to the performance but also to the simple operation of the device. The ability to deliver performance is of particular importance with regard to the versatility of the devices (e.g. treating depression or strokes). PowerMAG clinical products provide their customers with a wide range of applications and many cutting-edge features. Being used in numerous clinics, PowerMAG clinical has proven its...

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Therapy: • Depression (10Hz) • Stroke • Tinnitus • Incontinence • Pain • Emergency medicine PDWERMAG 3D CLINICAL A VARIETY CDF APPLICATIONS IN A STANDALONE STIMULATOR DEVICE PowerMAG 30 clinical is the standard TMS stimulator from MAG & More. It features highly precise, single pulses for functional diagnostics as well as therapeutic protocols for continuous muscle stimulation, making it a versatile stimulator device. It also sets a performance record, which is shown in delivering a stable maximum pulse intensity over the entire frequency range. Therefore, PowerMAG 30 clinical is suitable...

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PowerMAG 100 clinical belongs to the top-class in TMS stimulators. It is able to generate burst of pulses up to 100 Hz with constant intensities by recharging between pulses. It also has an impressive maximum pulse frequency of 100 Hz at 70% intensity, making this stimulator device a perfect choice for the latest stimulation protocols, such as theta burst stimulation. Areas of application Diagnostics: • Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs) • Nerve conduction velocity • Emergency medicine • Investigation of motor and sensory functions • Brain mapping Therapy: • Depression (TBS) • Stroke •...

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Your specialist for magnetic neurostimulation and 3D neuronavigation 080530e 02 Technical changes reserved

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