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2830 ZT

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2830 ZT WAFER ANALYZER Advanced wavelength dispersive XRF analysis Non-contact determination of layer thickness and composition The Analytical X-ray Company

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Semiconductor and data storage technology has advanced rapidly over recent years, and the rate of change continues to gather momentum. This places considerable pressure on the metrology techniques used to control production processes - instrumentation must keep pace with developments and meet ever more rigorous demands. Deposited thin films and multi-layers continue to decrease in thickness while increasing in complexity. As new technologies emerge at an escalating rate, yield improvement (during process ramp up) must evolve accordingly. Flexible and cost-effective process monitoring has...

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Ultimate capability for measuring film thickness and composition The 2830 ZT wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) Wafer Analyzer is the successor to PANalytical's highly acclaimed PW2830. Designed specifically for the industry, it enables the determination of layer composition, thickness, dopant levels and surface uniformity for a wide range of wafers up to 300 mm. The 2830 ZT Wafer Analyzer is equipped with PANalytical's advanced 4 kW SST-mAX X-ray tube, featuring groundbreaking ZETA technology which eliminates the effects of X-ray tube aging - by far the largest contributor to...

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Unrivalled productivity Continuous capability and speed SST-mAX features groundbreaking ZETA technology which eliminates the effects of X-ray tube aging. ‘New tube’ performance is maintained throughout the tube’s lifetime. Together with high sensitivity, ZETA technology ensures that rapid analysis and short measurement times are maintained across the lifetime of the tube. ZETA technology strongly reduces the need for drift correction and recalibration which increases productivity and uptime of the instrument. ZETA Technology Conventional X-ray tubes suffer tungsten evaporation, which causes...

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Superior light element performance The key features to maximizing sensitvity and stability of 2830 ZT for light elements include: • 4 kW output SST-mAX, operating at a high current of 160 mA • Dedicated high performance channels for light elements in the range from boron to magnesium • Dry (oil-free) pumps maintaining a clean, sub-Pascal vacuum within the measurement chamber Difficult to measure with X-rays Measured using K-lines Measured using L-lines Consistent and stable measurement results A range of critical features maximize reproducibility and minimize measurement times. For example,...

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Fast and cost-effective multi-layer analysis Powerful Fundamental Parameter analysis PANalytical’s Fundamental Parameter (FP) software package, FP Multi, is fully integrated into the SuperQ thin film platform of the 2830 ZT. It enables the direct calculation of chemical composition and thickness of layered materials and is ideal for analyzing both single layer thin films and complex multi-layer film stacks. Analysis of stacks up to 16 layers FP modeling allows reliable thin film analysis. PANalytical’s best-in-class algorithms model X-ray fluorescent behavior of the elements to calculate...

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Intuitive operation The 2830 ZT utilizes PANalytical’s proven SuperQ Thin Film software platform. This powerful, easy-to-use thin film data collection and analysis package is renowned for its highly intuitive interface and menu. It enables simple setup of standard measurement protocols and individually customized programs. User-assigned function keys or large on-screen ‘speed buttons’ permit rapid initiation of measurement for single wafers or complete batches. Uniformity patterns and wafer maps are easily defined with user-friendly spot location selection. Click-and-drag commands allow...

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Efficient, compact system design With a footprint comparable to that of 200 mm XRF wafer analyzers, the 2830 ZT occupies a minimum amount of valuable cleanroom space. A very narrow face print contributes further to space savings. The 2830 ZT can even be flush-mounted into a cleanroom wall, leaving only the loading port panel apparent within the workspace. In accordance with normal fab procedures, the 2830 ZT measures wafers in a surface-up orientation. A transfer robot and notch/flat alignment unit position samples on the x-y wafer stage. Vacuum pumps can be installed remotely for...

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PANalytical Compliance to all relevant standards PANalytical's PW2830 was the first X-ray metrology system to comply with all 300 mm standards. This led to its rapid establishment as the system of choice for automated wafer analysis. Now, the 2830 ZT builds on this reputation, and is designed to accommodate all relevant industry norms and standards. Importantly, the 2830 ZT is fully compliant with SECS/GEM (Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standards/Generic Equipment Model), GEM300, and AMHS (Automatic Material Handling System).

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Excellent tool matching Metrology accuracy, reproducibility and repeatability are essential for accurate results within a fab. However, many organizations operate fabs at multiple locations. With different fabs making the same product, consistency of results is essential. 2830 ZT can be placed at different fab locations and matched to a ‘gold standard’ reference tool using a universal set of reference wafers. This provides easy multi-production line quality control of thin film deposition and other processes. Excellent tool matching is the result of the high quality optical components, in...

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Complete support PANalytical understands the importance of continuity in production control. The 2830 ZT is based on proven concepts, established throughout the company's XRF thin film metrology product line. However, technology is only part of a successful process control solution. To make sure that users maximize the benefit of the 2830 ZT, PANalytical provides excellent technical, software and application support. PANalytical takes great pride in offering outstanding customer service, and values the trust users repeatedly place in the organization. A range of service contracts, including...

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