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Aeris Cement Edition

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Aeris Cement edition

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Outperforming expectations… surprisingly intuitive The Cement edition of Aeris is PANalytical’s X-ray PANalytical’s engineers with their continuous drive to diffractometer for everyone in the cement industry. Ease of innovate have been able to outperform typical benchtop use and maximum benefit are the key aspects. Experience for X-ray diffractometer performance. Aeris incorporates many yourself how the operation of the Aeris Cement edition is just technologies that were introduced on our high-end systems a breeze with its intuitive user interface on the built-in touch and have proven their...

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Configured for cement applications XRD provides mineralogical information that is directly linked to physical properties of cement and its intermediate products. This information facilitates more efficient and greener production control. High-end technology XRD is the most efficient method for directly obtaining information about the quality of (blended) cements. Compliancy with the norms for modern cements is guaranteed. Strength, setting properties, hydration properties and chemical resistance are directly linked to the mineralogy of cement (see table below). XRD is the method for direct...

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Preheater Stock pile management Quarry Mixing & dispatch Crushing Additives Cooler bed Kiln Clinker storage Cement mill Green and efficient cement production made easy by Aeris Do you want to analyze raw materials, raw meal, hot meal, clinker, additives or cement? Aeris is the turn-key solution and ready for reliable mineralogical feedback to the process the moment you start up the system. With its intuitive touch screen Aeris is very easy to use and with an analysis time of just 5 minutes for clinker or cement it is fast. Aeris’ low cost of ownership delivers maximum return on investment:...

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Easy and flexible analysis is very reliable with its high degree of repeatability. Aluminate cubix + orthorombic: 2.02 ± 0.07 (1σ) Free lime: 0.68 ± 0.05 (1σ) Control of the pyroprocessing with Aeris Accurate and reliable process control Repeatability of the mineralogical quantification in a clinker Accurate and reliable quality assurance of (blended) cements The advanced calculation routines of Aeris allow precise and reliable quality assurance of your final (blended) cement and accurately benchmark against cement classification norms like EN-197 or ASTM C150. C3S - Alite 32% C2S - Belite...

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Fast and reliable feedback into the process is paramount for producing good-quality cement efficiently. Uptime of the analytical equipment is therefore key. From the ground up, Aeris has been designed for maximum uptime. This is additionally backed by PANalytical's global network of customer support and application specialists. Aeris is the first benchtop XRD, providing seamless integration in any industry standard automation system with a belt or a robot. Also Aeris complies with the most stringent safety standards. Rugged design The only benchtop XRD with external sample loading for...

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An easy touch Accurate and reliable results in just a few steps Place sample and enter sample information Select measurement program and hit start

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High-end service to suit your needs To assure that your instrument remains in top condition and performs on the highest level, PANalytical offers a wide range of services. Our Expertise and support services assure an optimal functioning of your instrument. Expertise We take care of your analytical challenges Industry’s largest pool of specialists to create analytical solutions that are crucial for your processes and add value to your business and activities. • On-site training • Training courses • Performance optimization and validation • Analysis services and customized reference materials...

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