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Aeris Research edition

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Aeris Research edition

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“It’s like making a cup of coffee…except it’s even easier” Watch our video on www.XRDisE

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Surprisingly intuitive Meet the Research edition of Aeris – PANalytical’s easy-to-operate and user-friendly benchtop X-ray diffractometer. With its intuitive operation, Aeris makes X-ray diffraction so simple that it is accessible for everyone. The unique touch screen user interface lets you proceed effortlessly through the measurement process of your samples. The Research edition of Aeris is your companion for quick scans in the laboratory. It can easily be placed on a desk, does not need much space and only a single-phase power supply. Even inexperienced students can easily get started...

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Outperforming expectations Yobs Ycalc Yobs-Ycalc 20000 The Research edition of Aeris is your workhorse for rapid phase identification and Rietveld analysis of powder samples. The instrument provides fast, reliable and accurate materials analysis solutions for all your needs. Thanks to the incorporation of technologies that have already proven their benefits on PANalytical’s high-end systems, the Research edition of Aeris delivers data quality that was previously only possible with a full-size floor-standing system. 10000 What about an achievable resolution of <0.04° 2θ on LaB6? Or what...

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2-dimensional X-ray diffraction The Research edition of Aeris is the only benchtop X-ray diffractometer that can be delivered with a 2D Debye-Scherrer kit providing the possibility to perform basic 2D diffraction experiments. This kit is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of X-ray powder diffraction in a visual manner. Furthermore, with the 2D Debye-Scherrer kit you can determine whether your sample contains randomly oriented crystallites (continuous rings), if it shows preferred orientation/texture or consists of larger crystallites resulting in bad particle statistics (spotty rings)...

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Whatever project you are working on, the fast acquisition of phase information from your sample in question can be crucial for your research. Just collect X-ray diffraction data with Aeris and subsequently employ the HighScore suite to obtain a wealth of crystallographic information. HighScore, PANalytical's most comprehensive powder diffraction software, supporting all known search-match databases for phase identification. This information can be used for: • Polymorph screening • Monitoring chemical reactions • Easy identification of intermediates • Geological exploration • Monitoring of...

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Best-in-class performance Resolution as never seen before on a benchtop X-ray diffractometer Counts LaB6 measurement showing a full width half maximum value of <0.04° 2θ. These are values never seen on a benchtop XRD. Excellent low-angle performance [°2θ] (Copper (Cu)) Position 40000 Silver behenate showing the excellent low-angle performance of the system. Diffractogram of silver behenate Superior linearity With a 2theta linearity well below ± 0.02° 2θ, the peak position accuracy of the Research edition of Aeris is the best on the XRD benchtop market. 2theta linearity graph of a silico

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About PANalytical PANalytical's mission is to enable people to get valuable insight into their materials and processes. Our customers can be found in virtually every industry segment, from building materials to pharmaceuticals and from metals and mining to nanomaterials. The combination of our software and instrumentation, based on X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray scattering, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy as well as pulsed fast thermal neutron activation (PFTNA), provides our customers with highly reliable and robust elemental and structural information on...

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