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Automated Imaging - Advanced Particle Characterization

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Automated imaging - Advanced particle characterization INTRODUCTION Automated imaging provides high resolution direct measurement of the size, shape and other properties of particles from below one micron up to several millimeters in size. It is often used in conjunction with other particle characterization techniques, to gain a deeper understanding of the sample or to crossvalidate particle sizing methods. Malvern Instruments has a range of automated imaging instrumentation which can be used to solve particle characterization problems such as: • Measurement of shape differences where...

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WHAT IS AUTOMATED IMAGING? Automated imaging techniques use a digital camera to capture 2D images of a dispersed particulate sample. Individual particle images are identified using digital thresholding techniques, and then analyzed to determine their particle size, particle shape and other physical properties such as transparency. Statistically representative distributions can be constructed by automatically analysing tens to hundreds of thousands of particles per measurement providing valuable information on the sample as whole. The measurement process is automated through electronic...

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Automated imaging - Advanced particle characterization PARTICLE SHAPE, WHEN SIZE ALONE ISN’T ENOUGH For many applications, a particle size distribution provides adequate information about the sample. However, for some applications particle shape can provide more appropriate or complementary information. There are three main categories where this is relevant. Single particles or agglomerates? Many particle sizing methods require complete dispersion of any agglomerates in the sample in order to make an appropriate measurement. Being able to view individual images in the dispersion and analyze...

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AUTOMATED IMAGING PRODUCT RANGE OVERVIEW SYSMEX FPIA-3000 Rapid particle size and shape analysis of suspensions The Sysmex FPIA-3000 is a fully automated dynamic flow particle imaging instrument for the rapid and reliable measurement of the shape and size of particles in suspension. PARTICLE SIZE PARTICLE SHAPE • Particle size and shape from 0.8μm to 300μm • Sonication probe option to aid sample dispersion • Simple automated SOP operation • Rapid measurements ideal for QA/QC. PARTICLE SIZE Advanced particle characterization made easy The Morphologi G3 provides an advanced yet easy to use...

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Automated imaging - Advanced particle characterization CHOOSING THE RIGHT AUTOMATED IMAGING SOLUTION When choosing the most appropriate automated imaging solution for your needs, there are a number of questions to consider: What types of material do I need to measure? Where will the instrument be used? Will my needs change in the future? Will I only measure samples as a wet dispersion or do I need the flexibility to measure dry powders as well? Will it be used in central R&D as a shared resource where there are many users and different types of samples might be measured? Will different...

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SYSMEX FPIA-3000 Rapid particle size and shape analysis of suspensions Designed with the needs of a busy QC lab in mind, the Sysmex FPIA-3000 makes size and shape analysis of particles in suspension a straightforward and routine task. All of the sample preparation, measurement and cleaning can be taken care of by the instrument itself. Equally the unparalleled image quality and flexible software makes it a highly effective R&D tool. • Particle size and shape of wet suspensions from 0.8µm to 300µm • Fully automated analysis and self-cleaning in less than 3 minutes • Unique sheath flow...

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Automated imaging - Advanced particle characterization Introduce sample Keeping particles in focus The Sysmex FPIA-3000’s unique sheath flow mechanism keeps all the particles flowing through the measurement cell in a very precisely defined flow path. This ensures that even the smallest particles in the sample stay at the focal plane of the measuring optics, delivering unrivalled image quality for particles below 10μm in size. An added benefit of the sheath flow is that it prevents particles from the sample touching the optical windows, substantially reducing particle wear and window...

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The Sysmex FPIA-3000 is used in many applications where particle size and shape of powders, slurries and suspensions are important. Some key applications include: • Monitoring of abrasive slurries e.g SiC wiresaw for silicon wafer production • Detection of agglomerates in pharmaceutical suspensions such as eye formulations • Quality control of particle size and shape in toners • Identification of oversize particles in parenterals and injectables such as vaccines SYSMEX FPIA-3000 SPECIFICATIONS Technology Dynamic flow particle imaging Particle Size Range Particle properties measured Size,...

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Automated imaging - Advanced particle characterization MORPHOLOGI G3 OVERVIEW Advanced particle characterization made easy The Morphologi G3 measures the particle size and shape of dry powders, wet suspensions and particulates on filter membranes using the technique of automated static image analysis. The instrument is designed with the diverse needs of a multidisciplinary R&D lab in mind, while automation of analysis using SOPs makes it the ideal replacement for costly and timeconsuming manual microscopy measurements. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: • Particle size range from 0.5μm to 1000μm...

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Easy, reproducible sample dispersion High quality measurements Powerful yet intuitive software Appropriate dispersion of the individual particles and agglomerates within a sample is critical to achieving meaningful results. Good spatial separation and representative sampling of the particles is required. An integrated dry powder disperser option makes preparing dry powder samples simple and reproducible. A precise amount of sample is dispersed automatically using a unique compressed air dispersion mechanism controlled from within the software for reproducible dispersions every time. A range...

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