Empyrean - The intelligent diffractometer - 5 Pages

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Empyrean - The intelligent diffractometer

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ACADEMIA Get the best data for your publications with Empyrean; train and inspire your students. Acquisition of comprehensive information about a material is the key for successful research. Empyrean will give you the highest data quality, letting you see the finest details of your precious samples by performing non-destructive, cutting-edge characterization studies. A REVOLUTION IN THE WORLD OF X-RAY DIFFRACTION Meet the third generation of the Empyrean multipurpose platform Listening to users of our renowned system at over a thousand universities, research centers and industries around...

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AUTOMATED FLEXIBILITY WITH MULTICORE DIFFRACTOMETER Main benefits of the MultiCore system INTUITIVE FOR BEGINNERS, FLEXIBLE FOR ADVANCED USERS Ultra fast reciprocal space maps for epitaxial layer analysis Non-ambient X-ray analysis for in situ studies of advanced materials • Run heterogeneous sample types and different applications in one uninterrupted batch • Increase sample throughput by at least 30% • Reduce user training time by 30% • Optimize resolution and intensity automatically • Detect impurities or minor phases either with 40% better sensitivity or 40% faster Grazing incidence XRD...

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Empyrean is a true multipurpose platform, designed to support a wide range of applications. Yet, our specialists often meet scientists and analysts who would like to extend the possibilities even further, according to their own ideas for their research. Malvern Panalytical listens to your ideas. Do you need new sample holders, modified stages, optica modules or want advice on analytical techniques? Our creative and motivated development team is happy to work with you on a solution that satisfies your needs. Discuss your requirements with your local Malvern Panalytical sales representative...

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WHY CHOOSE MALVERN PANALYTICAL? We are global leaders in materials characterization, creating superior, customer-focused solutions and services which supply tangible economic impact through chemical, physical and structural analysis. Our aim is to help you develop better quality products and get them to market faster. Our solutions support excellence in research, and help maximize productivity and process efficiency. Malvern Panalytical is part of Spectris, the productivity-enhancing instruments and controls company. www.spectris.com SERVICE & SUPPORT Malvern Panalytical provides the global...

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