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Malvern Advanced GPC/SEC detectors

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WHAT CAN ADVANCED GPC/SEC DETECTION OFFER YOU? A modern research environment demands a complete understanding of a sample’s molecular properties including accurate and reliable measurements of molecular weight. Single detector GPC/SEC systems have been used for many years but cannot keep up with evermore demanding applications. The addition of advanced detection brings the greater understanding needed for today’s samples. • A light scattering detector: the heart of an advanced GPC/SEC system. Light scattering enables absolute molecular weight independent of structure and sample retention...

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SYNTHETIC AND NATURAL POLYMER APPLICATIONS The physical properties of a synthetic polymer like polystyrene, or a natural polymer like hyaluronic acid are strongly dependent on its molecular properties. Molecular weight, polydispersity, structure and (for copolymers) composition all contribute to determining the final product’s properties and processability. With more and more novel polymers entering the market, conventional measurements of molecular weight using a single detector are no longer sufficient. Our detectors make absolute measurements of these properties to cover a wide range of...

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PROTEIN APPLICATIONS A protein’s activity is strongly dependent on it being in the correct conformation and oligomeric state. Biopharmaceutical drugs must be aggregate-free and protein conjugates must be well controlled during research and as manufactured drugs. Single-detector GPC/SEC cannot meet the growing demands in this field but advanced GPC/SEC detection can help the protein scientist with all of these parameters, helping them to better understand the behavior of their protein of interest. The molecular weight and size of a protein directly identifies its oligomeric state while...

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OMNISEC REVEAL Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration OMNISEC REVEAL is Malvern’s latest and most advanced integrated multi-detector system for superior GPC/SEC analysis. It includes refractive index (RI), UV/Vis absorbance, light scattering and intrinsic viscosity detectors for the characterization of synthetic polymers, natural polymers and polysaccharides, and proteins. In combination, these detectors can measure: • Sample concentration • Absolute molecular weight and molecular weight distribution • Polydispersity • Intrinsic viscosity • Molecular...

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OMNISEC REVEAL TECHNOLOGY Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration OMNISEC REVEAL’s refractive index detector measures sample concentration. Its robust flow cell is kept in series with the other detectors for maximum sensitivity. The UV/Vis photodiode array (200-900 nm) opens up absorbance measurements to a wider application range. The light scattering detector combines the sensitivity of 90° Right Angle Light Scattering (RALS) with the accuracy of 7° Low-Angle Light Scattering (LALS). Its superior sensitivity makes it ideal for measuring low molecular...

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VISCOTEK SEC-MALS 20 Absolute Molecular Weight, Molecular Size The SEC-MALS 20 is a modular multi-angle light scattering detector that can easily be combined with any existing GPC/SEC system, for direct measurements of absolute molecular weight and size. For proteins, the SEC-MALS 20 offers: • Absolute molecular weight and oligomeric state • Aggregate quantity, molecular weight and size (where applicable) • Conjugation in samples such as PEGylated or membrane proteins (with two concentration detectors) • 2nd virial coefficient A 2 (B 22). For natural and synthetic polymers, the SEC-MALS 20...

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ZETASIZER µV Absolute Molecular Weight, Molecular Size The dual capability Zetasizer µV offers unmatched versatility for protein analysis. It combines measurements of molecular weight by Static Light Scattering (SLS) with measurements of molecular size (Rh) by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). It can also perform both of these measurements in batch and GPC/SEC flow modes. The detector is optimized for the measurement of smaller molecules that scatter less light, making it ideal for protein measurements. SEC Mode In flow mode, as a modular SEC-DLS detector, the Zetasizer µV measures the...

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VISCOTEK TDA Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration The Viscotek TDA is a multi-detector platform for advanced GPC/SEC measurements. It uses refractive index, light scattering and viscometer detectors to measure: • Sample concentration • Molecular structure/branching • Absolute molecular weight and molecular weight distribution • Mark-Houwink parameters • Intrinsic viscosity • Molecular size (Rh & Rg) • Refractive Index increment, dn/dc • Copolymer and conjugate composition (with the PDA). The integrated platform has these advantages: • All columns and...

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VISCOTEK TDA TECHNOLOGY Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration The TDA’s refractive index (RI) detector measures the concentration of almost any solute. The proprietary RI detector in the TDA has a robust flow cell keeping all detectors in series and maximizing their sensitivity. RALS Detector Lens LALS Detector The light scattering detector inside the TDA combines the sensitivity of 90° Right Angle Light Scattering (RALS) with the accuracy of 7° Low-Angle Light Scattering (LALS). The software automatically chooses the best angle for the sample at...

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OMNISEC SOFTWARE v5 Control and analysis in a single package OmniSEC software v5 is the GPC/SEC software package available for the Viscotek products. With its clear user interface, OmniSEC software v5 is used to control Viscotek systems, acquire data from all Viscotek detectors and perform GPC/SEC data analysis. With OmniSEC software v5 you can: • Measure molecular weight and molecular weight distribution by light scattering or column calibration techniques • Measure intrinsic viscosity and hydrodynamic radius. Mark-Houwink parameters and branching • Be sure of the most accurate results...

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