Morphologi 4 Range - Automated imaging for advanced particle characterization - 16 Pages

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Morphologi 4 Range - Automated imaging for advanced particle characterization

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MORPHOLOGI 4 RANGE Automated imaging for advanced particle characterization

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MORPHOLOGICAL IMAGING FOR YOU Morphological imaging is fast becoming an essential technology in the laboratory toolkit for particle characterization. Providing automated, rapid, and component-specific morphological information, Morphologi instruments are employed to solve formulation and deformulation challenges, optimize material properties, and create confidence throughout development and manufacturing. These systems enable process control and optimization and provide quick identification of the cause of process deviations. “The Morphologi system produced databases of particle images...

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PHARMACEUTICALS Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and excipient particle size and shape are critical material attributes which must be understood and controlled during formulation development and process scale-up for both innovator and generic products. Morphologi delivers the data required to achieve this, and can also determine the component-specific API particle size required to establish in vitro bioequivalence for generics, minimizing associated clinical study costs. ENERGY STORAGE / BATTERIES Morphological descriptions can be used to correlate electrode powder attributes with...

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Morphological imaging applies the technique of automated static image analysis to provide a complete, detailed description of the morphological properties of particulate materials. By combining particle size measurements such as length and width, with particle shape assessments such as circularity and convexity, morphological imaging fully characterizes both spherical and irregularly-shaped particles. This enables deeper understanding of a sample's characteristics through precise detection of agglomerates, foreign particles and other anomalous materials. It also delivers the data required...

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CASE STUDY PARTICLE SHAPE When particle size alone is not enough Reading Scientific Services Ltd., UK, develops fully validated particle size analysis methods in line with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements. To do this, they must ensure their methods give tight control over potential sources of variability. Particle shape measurements are used to troubleshoot suspected dispersion issues encountered during laser diffraction measurements. In a recent project, variability of particle sizing results was observed, and a problem with the method was suspected. However, images from the...

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Component-specific morphology Determine particle morphology of a component in a mixture; for example, API particle size in a pharmaceutical formulation for in vitro bioequivalence studies. Identification Detect and identify particles of interest; for example, contaminants or outlier particles. Chemical composition Investigate unknown particulate samples; for example, explore the mineral composition of geological samples or understand the electrode microstructure in battery materials. Forensic investigation Investigate components of illicit or counterfeit drugs, soil samples and other...

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MORPHOLOGICAL IMAGING WORKFLOW SAMPLE PREPARATION IMAGE CAPTURE IMAGE PROCESSING RESULT GENERATION CUSTOMER STORY Particle Technology Labs, Chicago, USA, a leading service laboratory dedicated to quality particle sizing and characterization, traditionally used manual microscopy techniques to supplement laser diffraction and other particle sizing techniques which are limited by their assumption of equivalent spherical diameter. The PTL team made the decision to purchase a Morphologi system, which has allowed them to automate manual imaging methods, process large numbers of images in many...

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MORPHOLOGI 4 Flexible The Morphologi 4 measures the particle size and shape of dry powders, wet suspensions and particulates on filters. Designed to accommodate the diverse needs of a multidisciplinary R&D lab, it is the ideal replacement for costly and time-consuming manual microscopy. Fast Substantial time savings are achieved compared to manual methods, thanks to automated operation and simple data analysis. Reliable Robust, reproducible measurements are delivered via simple SOP-driven operation. All critical factors are carefully controlled and audited, from dispersion conditions,...

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MORPHOLOGI 4 KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Broad particle size range from 0.5 pm to over >1300 pm enables size measurements of a wide range of samples •    20+ morphological parameters deliver a highly-detailed description for deeper understanding of your particulate material • SOP control, from sample dispersion to data analysis, provides simple and automated operation for robust, repeatable measurements • Automated 'Sharp Edge' analysis enables detection of even low contrast particles • High resolution microscope ensures quality particle images for optimum image analysis data • Integrated...

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Unique The Morphologi 4-ID offers an exclusive capability, combining all the benefits of automated static imaging delivered by the Morphologi 4 with chemical identification of individual particles by Raman spectroscopy in a single measurement. Controlled Unattended SOP-driven operation controls sample dispersion, morphological and chemical analysis in one easy method. It provides a clear route to robust, operator-independent results. Spectral acquisition conditions are easily customizable to each sample, enabling measurement of thermally-sensitive species and even weak Raman...

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MORPHOLOGI 4-ID KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Patented MDRS capability delivers representative component-specific particle size and shape data for full characterization of your sample • All the functionality of the Morphologi 4, combined with a dedicated Raman platform for both physical and chemical particle characterization in a single, automated measurement • Automatically measures Raman spectra for hundreds or thousands of particles, saving valuable analyst time • Intuitive software ensures suitability for experienced and non-experienced spectroscopists alike • Easy correlation of...

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