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On-line zeta potential sensor for water treatment dosage control

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Water Treatment Solutions SET A FIRM FOUNDATION FOR SECURE COST-EFFICIENT WATER TREATMENT... For the water treatment industry, quality is non-negotiable. Consistently demonstrating that regulatory standards are met, while at the same time driving down treatment costs, provides the stimulus for continuous process improvement. Plant stability is the defining operational goal and a primary driver for the adoption of online analytical tools. Complementary aims are to: • Confidently meet quality targets even when raw water quality changes sharply and rapidly Intake pumping station Micro strainer...

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Water Treatment Solutions ...WITH ONLINE ZETA POTENTIAL MEASUREMENT The Zetasizer WT continuously measures zeta potential, a parameter that directly quantifies the likelihood of coagulation. Zeta potential is a well-established, proven parameter for assessing suspension stability and is distinctly different from current density measurements as reported by streaming current meters (SCMs). Coagulant added Coagulant forms precipitate, trapping impurities Large floc settles or is filtered out, or is removed using air flotation The zeta potential of raw water is typically negative, in the region...

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Water Treatment Solutions WHY INFER PROCESS PERFORMANCE... Traditional techniques used for monitoring particle charge in coagulation and sedimentation processes include the jar test and in some cases SCMs. These techniques have a number of limitations for efficient charge neutralization and clarification control. Zeta potential measurement directly addresses the issues associated with both techniques. It is fully automated and complete in just a few minutes. Measurements are highly reproducible and repeatable, and sufficiently sensitive to detect a developing plant problem, before it...

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Water Treatment Solutions ...WHEN YOU CAN CONTINOUSLY AND DIRECTLY MONITOR IT? Electrical double layer The Zetasizer WT is an automated sensor for the online measurement of zeta potential. An aliquot of water is captured as it passes through the Zetasizer WT and an electric field is applied. This field influences the mobility of the particles which is dependent on the surface charge on the particles themselves. The mobility is analyzed using Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS), which is an absolute technique eliminating the need for calibration. A NIST traceable standard is available for...

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Water Treatment Solutions TRANSLATE MULTIPLE BENEFITS... With a Zetasizer WT in place, dosing can be controlled to maintain optimum conditions for coagulation and sedimentation at all times. By continuously tracking the zeta potential of water during the coagulation process the operator can instantly see and respond to changes in the charge neutralization process to achieve stable operation. Fully automated control becomes feasible. Greater plant stability and improved water quality consistency More productive use of all available manpower The ability to take preventative action in response...

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Water Treatment Solutions ...INTO GREATER EFFICIENCY AND A SUBSTANTIAL ECONOMIC RETURN Case study: Wemlinger Water Treatment Plant, owned by Aurora Water. This company operates three facilities for water treatment in the Denver-Aurora area and has a reputation for US industry leadership. An early access online zeta potential system was installed at Wemlinger in 2012-2013. Since installation the sensor has: • Recorded data that are in close agreement with laboratory measurements The Wemlinger team manually adjust chemical dosage rates to maintain zeta potential close to zero, within the...

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Maximum sample pressure 6 bar Malvern Instruments Limited Grovewood Road, Malvern, Malvern Solutions: Advanced technology made simple - distributor details Malvern Instruments is part of Spectris pic, the Precision Instrumentation and Controls Company. Spectris and the Spectris logo are Trade Marks of All information supplied within is correct at time Malvern Instruments pursues a policy of continual improvement due to technical development. We therefore reserve the right to deviate from information, descriptions, and specifications in this publication without notice. Malvern Instruments...

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