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Spraytec - Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays

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Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays INTRODUCING THE MALVERN SPRAYTEC Rapid, reliable particle size measurements made easy. Spray particle and droplet size measurements are central to defining product performance across a range of applications, from the delivery of drugs to the human respiratory system through to the application of coatings and agrochemicals. In each case, sprays present unique challenges, either in terms of the environment within which measurements have to be made or the speed of the event which must be characterized. The Malvern Spraytec has been specifically...

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Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays The design of the Spraytec system has drawn on Malvern Instruments' extensive experience in the field of spray and aerosol characterization, gained over a period of more than 40 years of research and applications development. Rapid measurements An unequaled 10 kHz data acquisition rate delivers the measurement of a complete spray particle size distribution every 100 microseconds, enabling accurate analysis of the dynamics of spray atomization and dispersion for devices such as pharmaceutical drug delivery systems and fuel injectors. Wide size...

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Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays ADVANCED SPRAY CHARACTERIZATION The Spraytec system measures spray droplet and particle size distributions using the technique of laser diffraction. This requires the angular intensity of light scattered from a spray to be measured as it passes through a laser beam. The recorded scattering pattern is then analyzed using an appropriate optical model to yield a size distribution. The angular range over which scattering measurements are made has been optimized within the Spraytec to ensure that polydisperse size distributions are fully resolved....

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Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays SIMPLE OPERATION Access to the Spraytec’s powerful measurement capabilities is controlled via an equally impressive software interface that makes precise spray measurements entirely straightforward. Set up your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) using the system’s integrated method definition wizard. SOPs lock down all aspects of the measurement process including the hardware configuration, analysis settings, triggering options, result parameter reporting and data averaging. Online help supports method specification for different spray types....

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Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays At each time point the entire size distribution can be viewed together with all relevant sample details. Users can define which variables can be viewed on the size history chart and can select records from the chart for averaging, export and reanalysis. Understanding the dynamics of spray formation requires users to quickly assess how the particle size distribution changes with time. The Spraytec's unique size history display enables a frame-by-frame inspection of the particle size distributions recorded during a given spray event....

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Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays The flexibility of the Spraytec system It delivers accurate, reproducible makes it ideally suited to applications spray size analysis in an easy-to-across a wide range of industries, understand format, improving from fundamental research and product understanding and control. development through to product quality control and batch release testing. Orally inhaled and nasal drug products Particle size is a key parameter in defining the deposition pattern and bioavailability of drug materials delivered using pump sprays and inhalers to the nasal...

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Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays Optical unit specifications Note: Optical bench sizes of up to 2500 mm are available on request.

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Malvern Instruments Limited Grovewood Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK, WR14 1XZ Tel +44 1684 892456 Fax +44 1684 892789 www.malvern.com Malvern Instruments is part of Spectris pic, the Precision Instrumentation and Controls Company. Spectris and the Spectris logo are Trade Marks of Spectris plc. spectris All information supplied within is correct at time of publication. Malvern Instruments pursues a policy of continual improvement due to technical development. We therefore reserve the right to deviate from information, descriptions, and specifications in this publication without notice....

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