Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 - More angles, more data, more choice - 4 Pages

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Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 - More angles, more data, more choice

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More angles, more data, more choice INTRODUCING SEC-MALS The Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 is the most advanced multi-angle light scattering detector for GPC / SEC on the market. It simultaneously measures the intensity of scattering at each angle which, in conjunction with a concentration detector, enables the calculation of the absolute molecular weight of proteins, synthetic & natural polymers, and also molecular size expressed as the radius of gyration, Rg. The SEC-MALS 20 is a modular detector that can easily be used with any existing SEC system, adding the power of light scattering detection...

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More angles, more data, more choice The Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 is an advanced light scattering solution for the characterization of all sample types by advanced GPC/SEC SEC-MALS SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Laser type Laser wavelength Laser power Laser lifetime Number of scattering angles Scattering angle positions Cell volume Scattering volume Analogue signals accepted Data acquisition rate Molecular weight range Molecular weight accuracy Radius of gyration range Analysis models Zimm, Berry, Debye Detector range Linear range Baseline noise Baseline drift Temperature range Power usage OMNISEC...

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Malvern Instruments Limited Grovewood Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK, WR14 1XZ Tel +44 1684 892456 Fax +44 1684 892789 Malvern Instruments is part of Spectris plc, the Precision Instrumentation and Controls Company. Spectris and the Spectris logo are Trade Marks of Spectris plc. All information supplied within is correct at time of publication. Malvern Instruments pursues a policy of continual improvement due to technical development. We therefore reserve the right to deviate from information, descriptions, and specifications in this publication without notice. Malvern...

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