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Viscotek UV - 1

MOLECULAR WEIGHT MOLECULAR SIZE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE The Viscotek UV detector is a variable, single-wavelength UV detector for the measurement of the concentration of UV active samples including proteins. It has a wavelength range from 190-500 nm. It has excellent sensitivity and a small The detector is available as a stand-alone modular unit or as a unit with a flow cell mounted internally in the Viscotek TDA or HT-GPC systems and connected via fibre-optic ^n^^^. Malvtr n I nstr jmt n Is Via rlduri d c www.malverfi.cnm/cojitact ©2015 Malvern Instruments Limited MRK2279-02-EN

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Viscotek UV - 2

Part Number Single wavelength UV-detector & flow cell for connection to a modular GPC/SEC system Single wavelength UV-detector with fiber-optic connections for a TDA or HT-GPC Detector type Small variable single wavelength UV detector Detection channels Light source Deuterium (D2) lamp with integrated GLP chip Wavelength range Spectral bandwidth Wavelength accuracy Wavelength precision Time constants Flow cell Included with standalone unit (GPC5025). Not included in fiber optic version (GPC2550). To add fiber optic version to an existing TDA (with no flow cell) use GPC5250. Integration time...

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