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What can advanced GPC/SEC offer you?

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WHAT CAN ADVANCED GPC/SEC OFFER YOU? A modern research environment demands a complete understanding of a sample’s molecular properties including accurate and reliable measurements of molecular weight. Single detector GPC/SEC systems have been used for many years but cannot keep up with evermore demanding applications. The addition of advanced detection brings the greater understanding needed for today’s samples. • A light scattering detector: the heart of an advanced GPC/SEC system. Light scattering enables absolute molecular weight calculation, independent of structure and sample retention...

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WHY BUY THE COMPLETE SOLUTION FROM MALVERN? At Malvern, we not only provide you what is inside the box, we also like to think outside the box with our Technical and Application support, to get you up and running in the least amount of time possible. When you purchase a complete solution from Malvern, we like to ensure the system will be a perfect match for your application needs; that’s why we offer to run your samples through our highly experienced applications lab to fully understand your requirements before purchase and ensure minimum start-up time after installation. The installation...

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SYNTHETIC AND NATURAL POLYMER APPLICATIONS The physical properties of a synthetic polymer like polystyrene, or natural polymers like starch or cellulose derivatives, are strongly dependent on their molecular properties. Molecular weight, polydispersity, structure and (for copolymers) composition all contribute to determining the final product’s properties and processability. With more and more novel polymers entering the market, conventional measurements of molecular weight using a single detector are no longer sufficient. Malvern systems are a single solution to make absolute measurements...

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PROTEIN APPLICATIONS A protein’s activity is strongly dependent on it being in the correct conformation and oligomeric state. Biopharmaceutical drugs must be aggregate-free and protein conjugates must be well-controlled during research and as manufactured drugs. Single-detector GPC/SEC cannot meet the growing demands in this field but advanced GPC/SEC detection can assist the protein scientist with all of these parameters, helping them to better understand the behavior of their protein of interest. The molecular weight and size of a protein directly identifies its oligomeric state while...

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OMNISEC SYSTEM Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration Malvern’s expertise and experience with GPC/ SEC has enabled the development of the most sensitive and accurate multi-detector system available for the characterization of any polymer or protein. The system includes: OMNISEC RESOLVE has been designed using our 30 years of experience in GPC/ SEC instrument development to achieve the highest possible standard in chromatographic performance. OMNISEC REVEAL is the integrated multi-detector platform. It is available with refractive index, UV/Vis...

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OMNISEC REVEAL TECHNOLOGY Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration OMNISEC REVEAL’s digital differential viscometer includes a disposable selfbalancing bridge for simple and rapid user replacement. Its new 316 stainless steel pressure transducers improve baseline stability, sensitivity and robustness and means few limitations with salts or pH. The light scattering detector combines the sensitivity of 90° Right Angle Light Scattering (RALS) with the accuracy of 7° Low-Angle Light Scattering (LALS). Its superior sensitivity makes it ideal for measuring low...

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VISCOTEK SEC-MALS 20 SYSTEM Absolute Molecular Weight, Molecular Size The SEC-MALS 20 is a modular multi-angle light scattering detector for direct measurements of absolute molecular weight and size. It can easily be combined with a column oven, modular RI detector and GPCmax to form a complete SEC-MALS 20 system, offering a turnkey solution with control of data acquisition and analysis using a single software package. The SEC-MALS 20 can also be added to the OMNISEC or TDAmax systems if MALS is required. For proteins, the SEC-MALS 20 offers: • Absolute molecular weight and oligomeric state...

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SEC-MALS 20 TECHNOLOGY Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration The key to the performance of the SEC-MALS 20 is the vertical flow cell with radial optics: Detectors arranged in plane around cell • Reduced detector noise at low angles • Reduced need to clean the detector • Fixed, constant and known measurement angles, regardless of solvent type • One cell for all solvents means never having to switch or remove the cell • Reduced band broadening and tailing compared with other MALS detectors, thanks to the low volume cell. The overall result is minimized...

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VISCOTEK TDAmax SYSTEM Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration The Viscotek TDAmax is a complete stand-alone, temperature controlled, multi-detector GPC/ SEC system. The detector module, the Triple Detector Array (TDA), is paired with the GPCmax to form a complete solution for macromolecular characterization. The detector can contain any combination of refractive index, light scattering and viscometer detectors to measure: • Sample concentration • Molecular structure/branching • Absolute molecular weight and molecular weight distribution • Mark-Houwink...

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VISCOTEK TDA TECHNOLOGY Absolute Molecular Weight, Intrinsic Viscosity, Molecular Size, Concentration The TDA’s refractive index (RI) detector measures the concentration of almost any solute. The proprietary RI detector in the TDA has a robust flow cell keeping all detectors in series and maximizing their sensitivity. RALS Detector Lens Viscotek invented and patented the first differential viscometer. The TDA’s digital transducers give a fast, sensitive response to viscosity changes, and the 316 stainless steel construction means few sample limitations with salts or pH. Mobile phase LALS...

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