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The MANFREDI brand has been the backbone of Made in Italy laboratory equipment manufacturing since 1934. REDDISH STONE is one of the worldwide leading companies for the production of silicone and elastomer-bound abrasives, polishers and fiberglass cutters, based on proprietary formulas since 1968. Manfredi and Reddish Stone joined forces in 2014, putting together 85 years of manufacturing excellence. The incessant research and adoption of new technologies then led to the collaboration with SANTA BARBARA MECCANICA, a highly experienced company in extreme precision mechanics, CNC design and...

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SBM5X - Evolution Milling Machine SBM5X - Dynamic Milling Machine F5 - 5 Axis Milling Machine F4 - 4 Axis Milling Machine Prisma Laser Kepler Laser Galileo Laser Odontoweld Welder Orthoweld Welder Vulcano Casting machine Millenium Casting machine Smallcast Casting machine Crucibles Warmy Furnace LB Furnace DEWAX 5 Dewaxer Acrydig 6-12 Polymerizing unit Clamps Flasks Press Mixygel K Mixer Mixyvac S Mixer Oxyker Sandblaster Sablomatic Sandblaster system Sylox K Sandblasting Aspy1 Suction unit Abrasives Plaster dispenser 3 Chisy 6 High speed grinder 5 Tgline Model trimmer 6...

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SBM 5X Galileo Evolution Milling Machine A PROFESSIONAL MACHINE with the highest technical specs in the market: powerful, fast and extremely precise. Wet and dry, from Wax to Titanium, with a wide in-built screen and large working chamber, suitable for the most demanding job, sturdy and vibration-free TECHNICAL DATA Total outer size Total machine weight Axis Travel length Rotation A Chamber size Brushless Motors ATC (Automatic Tool Changer with tool length sensor and tool failure detection) Presetting of automatic tool Spindle: 0 to 60.000 rpm (high frequency electro-spindle) Rotation...

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Professional and powerful, fast and precise, this machine is the little sister of the EVOLUTION. Wet and dry, from Wax to Titanium, large chamber. OPTIONAL TECHNICAL DATA •y Automatic Tool changing for 20 tools ✓ Spindle for 6 mm shaft KW2.5 60000 RPM ✓ Touch Screen 15.6"w LCD control panel ✓ Integrated Touch screen casing PC Windows 10 Desktop x5-Z8350 Intel Atom 8GB/64GB Total outer size Total machine weight Axis Travel length Rotation A Chamber size ATC (Automatic Tool Changer with tool length sensor and tool failure detection) Presetting of automatic tool Spindle: 0 to 60.000 rpm (high...

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F5 - 5axis Galileo Milling Machine The new F5 is a versatile and easy to use 5 axis machine, suitable for any standard block. Our proprietary CNC software allows a perfect optimization of the strategies Optional Spindle 1 kW Tool Shank 4 mm Water jet TECHNICAL DATA Blank Holder for standard discs Ø 98.5 mm Spindle speed Axis range Rotatin Axis Tool shank Tool Length Power Size (Step H 10mm , max thickness 60 mm) On request any other holder shape and angle 60.000 rpm. X 160 – Y 160 – Z 120 mm B ± 360° A ± 30°, with tempered and rectified gears, zero backlash 3 mm Automatic tool change 10...

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The F4 machine is the perfect solution for the standard production of labs and clinics. Fast, easy and affordable ADVANTAGES TECHNICAL DATA Continuous 4 Axis. ✓ Workable Materials: Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, y Composite resin, PEEK, Gypsum, Fiberglass y Automatic tool changer y 6 tools housed y Air cooling (wet on request). ■y High precision Linear axis on rail with INA recirculating ball guides V Monobloc frame for a Very steady milling session. V 3-Color LED Status indicator: Working / Blank insertion / Alarm / End of working Cycle •y Instruments drawer y Warranty and after-sales Helpline...

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Prisma Laser Prisma 100 Prisma 130 Prisma 150 Multiple machine controls Digital Connection System for Remote self-diagnostic Digital Magnification System 15” screen for internal camera monitoring Automatic Stand-By Local Automatic Diagnostics Detection and warning of working anomalies on display Remote Diagnostics Detection of anomalies in direct connection with MANFREDI tech support Zoom vision 50 customized programs Argon gas supply Laser source Wavelenght (nm) Energy(J) Shot duration (ms) Spot diameter(mm) Argon supply Dimensions (mm) - LxHxP

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KeplerLaser Kepler is not only a laser machine but a welding platform fully configurable. The user can choose power, accessories and trims Kepler figures as power, connectivity, optic aggregate and cooling circuit system make it one of a kind. MMC (Multiple machine control) Possibility to control the machine through various devi-ces(joystick, mouse, touch-screen). DCS (Digital Connection System) Ethernet and Wifi connection to the web for remote diagnostic or data exchange. DMS (Digital Magnification System) Digital magnification of the working area to adapt the vision to the dimensions of...

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Galileo Galileo Laser 70 JOULE effective energy concentrated in a compact size to weld any type of metal structure (Titanium included) with maximum precision. Integrated cooling circuit. “Plug & Play” installation system, easy and fast. Immediately ready to use. Compact dimensions: suitable to be installed on any laboratory bench. High strength and reliability, minmal maintenance. Working chamber design based on the dental technician’s needs. 10X binocular microscope with optical protection against UV rays and laser radiations. The accurate laser beam software control, thanks to the PULSE...

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Odontoweld is a multifunctional equipment - practically two machines in one - used as spot-welder or as brazing device, to fix, spot-weld and braze quickly and accurately on non-precious metal prostheses. Equipped with a 12-position power regulator and thanks to a continuous adjustment of the pulse time it is suitable for any prosthetic problem. The self-adjusting hand-rest grants a steady positioning of the prosthesis and a comfortable posture of the operator. It allows the spot-welding on-board or directly on the model by means of fixed electrodes or electrodes set on the hand cables. The...

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VULCANO is the next-level induction casting machine that you can move to any space within the lab. - In-built cooling - automatic actuator - easy selection - completely standalon - plug-and-play - tabletop machine The spin and motor rotation speed adjustment is performed by a microprocessor thus providing a correct molten metal injection. The centrifugal arm, perfectly balanced, is extremely silent and without vibrations. Thanks to the adjustable cylinder holder it is possible to use any type of metal or free expansion casting ring. The low electrical input (2,8 KW only) and the high...

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