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of Valuable Medical Equipment Modular Surge Supply Storage Progression of Clinician Safety The MASSTM DUOcartTM provides your facility with adaptable storage to manage medical surge events. Temporary surge sites are an atypical environment with unique storage demands. Meet the needs of patient surge with supply storage in multiple form factors with the MASSTM DUOcartTM. Rapidly switch from a Tall Cart to Cabinet and Short Cart. Tall Cart - 25.5"D x 18.5" W x 5'H • Large-volume mobile supply • Small footprint Cabinet - 25.5"D x 18.5" W x 33.25"H • Stationary storage • Charting countertop Short Cart - 25.5"D x 18.5" W x 33.25"H • Easily maneuverable • Mobile workstation Antimicrobial HDPE Customizable Dividers Solid construction multi-use storage with a narrow and lightweight design. LucentTM High Density Modular Storage Easily adjustable dividers for modifying the size of individual supply compartments. Transparent trays provide visibility of stored supplies, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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