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130HPO - 1

Low temperature hydrogen peroxide & plasma sterilizer Matachana 130HPO®

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130HPO - 2

• Touch screen in loading area with EasyRUN user interface. • Independent process operation via double PLC for the monitoring of the relevant process parameters. • Load release by means of PCD1 with chemical control. • Refrigerated compartment for sterilizing solution. • USB port to download the history of performed cycles. • Ethernet port for communicating with the MATACHANA EasyLOOK monitoring software, including control/ traceability systems. • Remote connection for monitoring and maintenance diagnosis. • Exclusive system ensures optimal vaporization of the sterilant (vaporizer...

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130HPO - 3

Highlights of new sterilizer 130HPO SAFETY o BluKat® is a safe system designed to avoid any spills/drips hazard from the sterilizing solution o Independent control and log of the most important process variables o Double combined system of H2O2 waste degradation by activating a plasma phase and a catalytic converter o EasyRUN Interface o Full information on both the screen as on the printed report o BluKat® is easy to manipulate and to position o Automatic door closing system o Removable inner shelves within the chamber Low temperature sterilizer Matachana 130HPO® PROCESS GUARANTEE o...

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130HPO - 4

Sterilization program profile PRESSURE [hPa] The sterilizer 130HPO® performs 3 sterilization programs defined according to the load type to be treated. RAPID program To sterilize instruments as well as medical devices without lumen and/or cavities. ADVANCED Program To sterilize flexible endoscopes, single and dual channel. STANDARD Program To sterilize lumened and non-lumened instruments, as well as rigid and semi-rigid endoscopes, single and dual channel.

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130HPO - 5

The BluKat® sterilizing solution is delivered in (HDPE*) polyethylene containers with a high impact resistance, under a H2O2 concentration of 59 %. It has a spill-proof and anti-drip design which is entirely innovative, ensuring safe handling. BluKat® can be presented in 2 formats offering different volumes: Volume BluKat®: Sterilizing solution BluKat® container This considerable capacity combined with a shelf life of 30 days from the time the BluKat® is introduced into the sterilizer, represents a top productivity in the market from the standpoint of reducing the sterilant frequency of...

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130HPO - 6

CONSUMABLES MATACHANA presents a full range of monitoring products that ensure periodical supervision of the results of each cycle run by the 130HPO® sterilizer. Monitoring via Chemical Indicators Chemical Indicators for MATACHANA hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 )/plasma sterilization processes are compliant with eN ISO 11140-1 Standard. These indicators are designed to assess the physical and chemical parameter of sterilization processes by H2O2 /plasma. External Indicator for H2O2 /plasma, adhesive tape as process indicator - Type 1 (Ref. 85456.6) Tape rolls for H2O2 /plasma sterilization...

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130HPO - 7

Made of high quality Tyvek , which provides the highest level of protection against damage from sharp surfaces or very heavy materials to preserve the sterility achieved on medical devices sterilized on 130HPO® devices. They include a high contrast (red / yellow) chemical indicator for easy viewing of the materials that have been exposed to sterilization by hydrogen peroxide. ® Latex-free blue sheets, made of polypropylene synthetic material with two outer mesh layers and an inner merged one (SMS) with a surface density of 40 g/m2. Suitable for use as a microbial barrier for all existing...

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130HPO - 8

Since the company's foundation more than 50 years ago, our mission has been to provide the best service, bringing our knowledge and field experience to our customers to facilitate their daily work, allowing them to be efficient in the production whereas keeping rigorously the quality. MATACHANA has a worldwide presence, with offices based in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, United States, Argentina and Malaysia, or through its distributors in over 110 countries. In MATACHANA we are aware that Training and Service contribute decisively to achieve customer satisfaction. For this reason, we have...

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