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130LF - 1

Infection Control Low temperature sterilizer Matachana 130LF

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130LF - 2

Our innovative method Evaporation of our sterilizing solution containing water with 2 % w/w formaldehyde into the sterilizer chamber is generating a sterilant comprising hydroxyl (-OH) groups, which, at temperatures above 50 ºC, are highly reactive to all kind of microorganisms by precipitation of protein and methylation of nucleic acids. By use of the physical continuity principle for evaporation and careful control of the relevant physicochemical properties, i.e. pressure and temperature of the steam containing 2 % formaldehyde in the chamber, very stringent thermodynamic equilibrium...

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130LF - 3

Main features Compact design. Steam-formaldehyde gas mixture with low 2 % formaldehyde content. Fully automatic PLC-microprocessor control. Colour touch panel and two channel line recorder (temperature/pressure) at the loading area. Integrated water demineralizer and reverse osmosis treatment system. High performance two stages water ring vacuum pump with integrated ejector. Serial interface (RS232 ports) to connect our supervision software EasyLOOK or to other traceability softwares. Wheels to facilitate mobility. Alphanumerical printer to print all the relevant process parameters,...

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130LF - 4

LTSF process developed in MATACHANA sterilizer 130LF LTSF process is a modified steam sterilization process that uses steam with the addition of formaldehyde as a sterilant (active agent). The process is carried out at subatmospheric pressure, with 2 different temperatures as per the selected cycle. These are the main steps of the cycle: 1. Air Removal and Absorption Transport of the effective media. The sterilizing agent must reach all surface areas of the medical device which shall be treated, in sufficient quantity. The sterilizer executes different consecutive phases of formaldehyde...

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130LF - 5

Low temperature sterilizer Matachana 130LF Comparative chart between LTSF and Steam Sterilization LTSF (60 °C) Atmospheric pressure The LTSF process has certain similarities with steam sterilization, both cycles have also a similar profile but with the following relevant parameters differences regards to temperature, pressure and time. Programs and applications Test program Vacuum test: Program to test tightness of the sterilization chamber. Sterilization programs 78 °C program: Sterilization time: 30 minutes Sterilization time: 10 minutes Flexible endoscopes of all types, without...

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130LF - 6

Monitoring MATACHANA has a range of products that guarantee the routine monitoring and quality control of the LTSF sterilization processes. - The monitoring of packagings, non sterile and sterile packs and/ or containers is carried out by means of step controls that allow the organization of the healthcare material. - The routine quality control of each sterilization cycle with controls designed to evaluate the correct physico-chemical parameters of the process and the assessment of the microbial lethality of the devices. - The added bonus of the MATACHANA chemical and biological controls...

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130LF - 7

Sterilizing solution and other accessories Sterilizing solution Box with 3 bags of sterilizing solution, with a volume of 2.7 litres per unit. To be used only for the MATACHANA sterilizer 130LF. The sterilizing solution is contained in plastic bags of highly resistant LDPE*, totally recyclable. MATACHANA sterilizing solution is supplied in a LDPE* disposable bag of 2.7 litres capacity and only 2 % formaldehyde concentration. Once the bag is placed properly in the consumption components compartment, its content is emptied automatically into the corresponding container, without the user's...

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130LF - 8

Since the company's foundation more than 50 years ago, our mission has been to provide the best service, bringing our knowledge and field experience to our customers to facilitate their daily work, allowing them to be efficient in the production whereas keeping rigorously the quality. MATACHANA has a worldwide presence, with offices based in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, United States, Argentina, Malaysia and China, or through its distributors in over 110 countries. In MATACHANA we are aware that Training and Service contribute decisively to achieve customer satisfaction. For this reason,...

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