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Infection Control Steam sterilizers Matachana SC500

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SC500 - 2

999 matachana Infection control General features of series SC500 SC500 steam sterilizers The evolution of a success Matachana series SC500 Sterilizers have been designed taking into account the real needs of today's hospital sterilization, as much in sterilization centrals as in surgical units, outpatient centres, outsourced sterilization services, etc. The SC500 is designed and manufactured in our production site in Barcelona (Spain), a new plant equipped with the latest technological breakthroughs in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and process control. •...

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SC500 - 3

Control Unit With this sterilizers' new line Matachana aims to create and develop equipment with an easy and intuitive use while offering a high level of quality. Hence the incorporation of a control unit composed mainly by a TFT colour touch panel QVGA (with integrated PLC) for the loading area, a 4 lines characters LCD display with function keys for the unloading area and an industrial PLC. Navigation menu Matachana has developed an intuitive interface with a number of icons that allows the user of the sterilizer to move easily and quickly through different programs selection menus and...

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SC500 - 4

000 matachana Infection control Programs MATACHANA series SC500 Sterilizers have several pre-set programs covering an extensive range of combinations to suit the needs of the most demanding sterilization centres. Two types of programs are available: • Test programs: checking correct sterilizer operation • Production programs: sterilization or production programs of sterile material Graph (Pressure profile) of a production cycle: Options • Built-in compressor • Vacuum system with liquid ring pump • Connection to recovery systems and external cooling, allowing considerable savings in water...

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SC500 - 5

Series SC500 main features Separate control and registration by two PLC (one of them built into the touch screen). Series SC500 main features High visibility backlit frontal Incorporates several indicators icons helping the user to know at any moment the equipment status quickly and easily. Additionally, the device is equipped with a light indication of the emergency pushbutton activation. Chamber and steam manometers on the loading frontal panel and chamber on the unloading side frontal panel. Compact design Its size allows placing it in tight spaces and benefits the installation greatly....

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SC500 - 6

Steam sterilizers SC500 Series Infection control Loading systems and accessories MATACHANA offers a wide range of loading accessories whose top priority is to facilitate the work in the preparation area and subsequent loading / unloading into the sterilizer. Each one of these accessories is adapted to different models of SC500 sterilizers as well as to different needs the final user may have. The main accessories available are: Modular basket in stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304). Loading platforms in stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) rod. With temperature resistant wheels and caps....

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SC500 - 7

Matachana Group Innovation is the way forward Since our foundation 50 years ago, our mission has been to provide the best service, bringing our knowledge and field experience to our customers to facilitate their daily work, allowing them to be efficient in the production whereas keeping rigorously the quality. Our history has taken us from the beginnings in 1962 to the transformation in 2000 in Matachana Group, with its subsidiaries in France, Germany, Argentina and Asia Pacific, as well as the collaboration of direct distributors in over 70 countries. All specifications herein are provided...

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