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Materialise Motion footscan® v9 software packages Experience the plug and play modular footscan® software. An easy to use software package with a suitable combination for every user and multiple applications. Function v9 Essentials Package for primary gait analysis and 3D scan. v9 Clinical Clinical and biomechanical assessment package for health care professionals. v9 Scientific Biomechanical assessment and raw data export package for researchers. Compare dynamic measurements 3D peak measurement analysis Impulse measurement Automated foot zone analysis Manual sensor area analysis Load rate analysis Footprint size Automated risk analysis (insole advice) Average gait ratio graphs - movement references Average COP graphs (rearfoot, full foot) Pressure distribution and COP visualization Static measurement analysis Barefoot & shod measurement mode, in 2 directions of gait Static measurement Foot angle analysis, Exorotation angle, Subtalar-joint flexibility Single-step & multi-step foot timing (step & stride length, velocity) Manual zone definition Balance measurement Pressure-values, COP-values (range, average, …) Insole proposal Automated 3D printed insole proposal (PHITS) Foot Length Foot Width Arch Heigth Arch Length Circumferences (free draw) STL/OBJ export Database export Export of client list/patient information Automated report Automated report of all analysis screens Interval analysis Balance interval measurement COP per foot analysis Entire plate roll-off, Dynamic roll-off, Static image, Pressure and force, Center of force line, Single foot timing, Dynamic maximum image, Force plate data , Zone division, Foot Dimensions, Axis angels, Contact percentages, Balance exports Database Management Sync Trigger Server based database sharing Synchronization with 3rd party equipment (force plate, motion capture system, EMG and other

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