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STRONG. SMART. BEAUTIFUL. Matrix is among the world’s premier – and fastestgrowing – commercial fitness brands. While our rise has been quick, it has not been accidental. Our culture piques innovative thinking, applauds fresh ideas and values creative problem solving. As a result, in a little over a decade, we’ve not only set the design standard for which others now strive, but we’ve breathed new life into an industry where customers were offered the same tired products, year after year, by meeting customer needs like no one else can. Leading clubs and fitness facilities around the world...

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About Matrix Fitness Matrix is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, Ltd. (JHT). Johnson Health Tech has been producing premium fitness equipment since 1975 and is the fastest-growing manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. It has earned both ISO 9002 and 9001 certifications. A truly global company with 20 subsidiaries worldwide, JHT has the intellectual resources necessary to produce the most technologically advanced equipment on the market and the economies of scale needed to deliver the best value possible.

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BRAILLE INTEGRATED TOGGLES At Matrix, Believe in Better is more than our philosophy. It’s a promise. To you and your customers. A promise that we’ll keep pushing the boundaries in fitness. That we’ll always listen and take your concerns to heart. You’ve trusted us to dream up elegant solutions in the past, and we’ve delivered. Time and again. CARDIO CONTACT IDENTIFY BREAKTHROUGHS BEGIN BY LISTENING An ongoing record of industry firsts doesn’t happen by accident. We utilize a proven methodology that starts at the very root of a problem. First, we take the time to understand the situation...

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EFFICIENCY IN ACTION Refined concepts are delivered into an efficient production strategy designed to limit delays and restarts. The result takes us beyond bells and whistles to true solutions, higher-quality products and inspiring fitness experiences. THE PROOF IS IN THE PRODUCT Believe in Better summarizes our mission of producing equipment that stands out, rises above and sets new industry standards. We don’t just want to be the biggest; we want to be the best. To get there, we’re reshaping the fitness industry, one innovation at a time. And never stopping at “good enough.” // 7

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TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER Being a total solutions provider isn’t just a talking point. It’s something we do. We offer a full range of services to leading clubs and facilities around the world – 3D layouts, dedicated reps, certified installation, industry-leading warranty and the comprehensive Matrix Asset Management™ system. With Matrix, you and your facility will get premium equipment and world-class customer support throughout your product’s lifetime. DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION Our certified installation and service providers are experts on the transportation, assembly and installation of...

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CUSTOMER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM™ Matrix Fitness’ dedication to warranty, service and delivery is absolute. That’s why we created the Customer Advantage Program*. CAP is our assurance to you that we stand behind everything that bears the Matrix nameplate. It is also the primary reason our machines have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. CAP consists of 3 core promises: 1. You receive the best standard warranty in the industry, including three years coverage on parts and labor for all Matrix cardiovascular products. 2. You receive our guarantee on service performance. All warranty...

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BETTER, BROUGHT TO LIFE. mPower is about giving you, your employees and your customers the ability to improve the fitness environment in a way that is meaningful – empowering everyone to transform their time in your facility into an experience like no other. integrated technology solutions Most visibly, mPower is about connecting users to the people and content they care about. Because there’s nothing more valuable and engaging to users. And keeping them motivated and providing tools to help them reach their goals is your livelihood. Since you’re running a business, you also need powerful...

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fitness. That means we focus on the three core solutions that lead to a better fitness experience for your customers and for you: Motivate, Mentor and Maintain. WORKOUT TRACKING & FITNESS NETWORK Your users can connect to their apps and tap the support of social networks to monitor their progress and find motivation. Provide proven, useful tools and guidance to help users reach their goals, at their pace. They form the foundation of our new solution-centric approach to Keep your center running smoothly with our system that will help improve uptime and your ROI. fitness equipment, hardware,...

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MATCH YOUR CUSTOMERS’ ASPIRATIONS WITH POWERFUL MOTIVATION. Everyone who enters your doors has a lofty goal they want to achieve. Running that first half-marathon. Taking first place in their triathlon age group. Or simply keeping up with their kids who have boundless energy. But no matter how strong their desire, they all need motivation. A little push to get them over the hump. On a bad day. Or every day. Some may need a change of scenery to spice up the everyday routine. For others, only the crystal-clear melody of their favorite singer’s voice can push them through their workouts to new...

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INTERNET CONNECTIVITY WiFi-enabled 7xi consoles open up a world of opportunities for your customers. With access to the Web’s most popular social media apps, users will stay engaged, and their workouts will fly by while they access their favorite content and connect with friends and family. TV OPTIONS Keep users motivated to help them achieve their fitness goals with the Matrix 15” / 38 cm attachable viewing screen or our PCTV. The PCTV delivers the Netpulse interactive media platform, offering live TV, thousands of on-demand programs and music videos, and personalized workout data via the...

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