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make things talk to each other i-LOC RTLS

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RTLS systems www.mattteo.com

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I-LOC - 3

RTLS systems i-LOC i-ROOM Smartspot High performance i-ROOM Smartspots have great identification and localization performance due to enhanced antenna technology. Uniquely combining Bluetooth LE, UHF RFID and Wi-Fi to create powerful cross technology services and maximize flexibility. Easy to mount A design that fits the tone of the environment. Whether in offices, hospitals or industrial locations. Multiple form factors to easily fit as a standard ceiling tile or on a wall box. If you can mount a bulb, then you can mount a i-ROOM Smartspot. Plug-and-play No need for new wires. i-ROOM...

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I-LOC - 4

RTLS systems i-LOC MATTTEO Brain PRESENCE & PROXIMITY Provides actual information on the presence of an item and its proximity, Indicates whether an item is currently present or has been present in the hot spot area Provides time stamps on the first moment of presence as well as the last update. Bluetooth LE support Spots wifi detect presences based on Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. These presences will appear transparently on the presence service on the IMATTEO Brain API. PASSING DIRECTION DETECTION If something or somebody moves along a (dual or triple antenna) spot, the system triggers a...

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I-LOC - 5

RTLS systemsVariety of use cases Where's my infusion pump? Where's my transport trolley? A lot of hospitals have to deal with indistinctness about where medical assets like beds, IV poles, transport trolleys and blood pumps are. This takes a lot of extra search time when there is an emergency case for example. Using i-LOC identification and localization technology, an inventory of the assets can be easily created and made available. This gives information about where the medical assets are, how many there are and what the planning is of where these assets have to go and where they are used.

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