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The FIRST parasympathetic tone monitoring DEVICE in the WORLD for PETS. PTA Following the results of the ANI technology (Analgesia PTA evaluation to discriminate analgesia level better than haemodynamics Nociception Index) on the monitoring of non-communicating patients, the algorithm was adapted to develop the PTA index. PTA technology offers the evaluation of the parasympathetic tone of the autonomic nervous system of animals. The purpose of PTA (Parasympathetic Tone Activity) technology is to provide veterinarians a noninvasive, easy to use monitoring MDoloris developed a simple to use,...

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PTA can detect comfort in awake animals Marzuk et al showed that PTA is able to detect the comfort PTA can be used on dog, cats and horses effect that pheromones produce in cats. Feliway the monitoring protocol allows us refine the treatment in something as 2020 Camilo Romero Nuñez, Ariadna Flores Ortega, RafaelLaura Reyes Climaco Heredia Cardenas*, Laura Miranda Contreras, Mario Marczuk Dyurich EVALUATION OF THE EFFECT OF FELIWAY ON PARAMETERS OF PARASYMPATHETIC ACTIVITY IN CATS International Journal of Current Advanced ResearchISSN: O: 2319-6475, ISSN: P: 2319-6505,Volume 9; Issue 07(A);...

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Biocentre Fleming - Parc Eurasanté Epi de Soil : 270 rue Salvador Allende 59120 Loos - France Tél. +33 (0)3 62 09 20 80 / Fax +33 (0)9 72 38 75 27 PTA Monitor name and logo are registered trademarks. © 2021 MDoloris Medical Systems. All rights reserved. MD/QUA/EN14.5 v.01, n

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