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Dedicated in Ophthalmology B-Scan Display Mode: Probe Frequency: Scanning Method: Scanning Angle: Resolution: Gain: Zoom: TGC: • 8 Color Codes • High Resolution Images • Operating Mode: B, B+A, B+B, A • 8 Images Memory • 6 Steps Zoom from 34-60mm • 5 Sections Adjustable TGC • Cineloop for 5.6sec • Manual Correction of Axial Measurement under A-mode • Multi-groups of Calipers for Distance Measurement • Measuring Mode: Contact and Immersion • Save up to 50 Groups of IOL Calculation Results • 8 Groups Reading Average with Standard Deviation (S.D.) under A-mode • High Definition LCD Monitor • B-Probe Protection: Automatic Stop after 10 minutes of Continuous Scanning • Trackball for Easy Measurement and Operation • Real-time Clock • Optional Image Output: Video Printer or Workstation B, B+B, B+A, A 10MHz Mechanical sector scan 53° axial < 0.2mm, lateral< 0.4mm 0 ~ 98dB adjustable 34mm - 60mm, 6 steps selectable -30dB - OdB dynamic, 6 Points manually adjustable Variable Delay Depth: 0-15 mm Post Processing: 4 groups of curves (Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, S-curve) Distance & Area Measurement Dynamic Replay for 5.6 sec, 56 images displayed continually or separately Probe Hibernation: over 10 minutes Standard Configuration • ODM-2200 Ultrasonic A/B Scanner • 10MHz B Probe • 10MHz A Probe • Foot Switch • Test Object Options • Eye cup • SONY UP 897 Video Thermal Printer • Workstation PC Suite • Trolley A-Scan Probe: Resolution: Biometry Accuracy: Gain: Measuring Range: lOMHzwith Fixation Red Light 0.01mm <s±0.06mm >98dB with an adjustable range of 0~55dB 15~39mm Measuring Parameters: Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens Thickness, Vitreous Length and Axial Length Measuring Method: Immersion and Contact 5 Different Measuring Automatic (for Normal, Dense Cataract, Modes: Aphakic and Special); Manual Calculation of 8 groups’ average with Standard Deviation (S.D) IOL Formula: SRK/T, SRK-II, BINKHOST- II, HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q and HAIGIS Save up to 50 groups of results and 4 groups of IOL constants Other • Power Supply: • Weight: • Dimension: Room D,F3,Building C2, Xinmao Science Skill Park, Huayuan Industry Development Area, Tianjin 300384, China Ultrasonic A/B Scanner for Ophthalmology AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ 6Kg Without LCD Screen 460 x 420 x 80 mm

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ODM-2200 Ultrasonic A/B Scanner for Ophthalmology Professional Ultrasound CLINICAL GALLERY FIVE-POINT MEASUREMENT Innovative AL measu re ment met hod under A+B mode. Combine biometric measurement with ocular image display. TGG TGC (Time Gain Control) enhances segmental imaging gain 5segmentTGCadjustablewithinrange-30dBto0dB. Applicable default and customized settings; B+B Dual B mode enables image & video review and comparison. Dedicated foromni-dimension oculardisease observation. Integration ofAL measurement and IOL calculation. Diagnostic solution for cataract surgery. Reading average...

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