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MEDA/A scan/MD-1000A - 2

Features /a /a Accurate measurements under both Contact and Immersion modes Extreme ease of use with touch screen &utomatkj/manuHl)rodes v/ \y \y \y Auto gain control Built-in thermal printer Portable & ergonomic design

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MEDA/A scan/MD-1000A - 3

MEDA A-BIOMETRY Reliable Up to 8 groups of readings automatically measured per each group, with averaging and standard deviation for a higher level of reliability. Comprehensive Automatic measurements for 4 different eye types: Normal, Cataract, Aphakic and Special. Manual measurement also available.

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MEDA/A scan/MD-1000A - 4

PACHYMETRY Accurate Results Automatic reading at single or multiple points for corneal thickness; Multiple measurements at single point for higher reliability; Higher accuracy enabled by averaging readings. IOP Adjustment Intraocular pressure adjustment provides reference for tonometer measurement; Parameter adjustability based on user's experience. Instant Printout Single click print-out enabled by in-built thermal printer; User-defined print-out options.

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MEDA/A scan/MD-1000A - 6

• Probe: • Total Gain: lOMHzwith Fixation Red Light lOOdB with an adjustable range of 0~50dB • Biometry Accuracy: • Resolution: • Measuring Range: • Measuring Mode: SRK-II BINK-II HOFFER-Q History-derived Refraction-derived SRK-T HOLLADAY HAIGIS Double K/SRK-T ROSA Measuring Parameters: Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens Thickness, Vitreous Length and Axial Length Measuring Modes: Automatic (Normal, Cataract, Aphakic and Special), and Manual 8 Groups of Readings with Averaging & Standard Deviation Standard Configuration • Multiple Corneal Maps with Graphical Display • 10MHz A probe (MD-1000A &...

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