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MEDA/skin scanner/MD-310S


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MEDA/skin scanner/MD-310S - 1

• Display Window: • Display Mode: • Image Processing: • Database Management: CLINICAL APPLICATIONS • Specialized ultrasonic diagnostic system for dermatology application • Diagnoses of fine structures of epidermis, dermis, fine hair, subcutaneous tissue etc. • Observations of nevus, verruca vulgaris, scar, keratosis, scleroderma, hemangioma, skin tumors (benign tumors and cancers including lipomyoma, melanoma, basal cell carcinoma etc.) • Operation plan under instructions from ultrasonic diagnosis • Pathological observation during the drug treatment • Evaluation of laser treatment • Evaluation of skin condition - cosmetology • Non-invasive and comparable results. • 50MHz Very-High-Frequency Probe • Dermal Magnifier • Resolution up to 50 pm • Massive Image & Report Storage Capacity • Image Processing, Measurements, Retrieval and Printing 14mmxllmm & 7mmx5.5mm B&B+A Distance, area and angle measurements, color codes, y-correction and zooming Storage, Retrieval and Printing MD-310S Skin Scanner —High Frequency Ultrasound

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MEDA/skin scanner/MD-310S - 2

MD-310SSkin Scanner is applied to examination of fine structures of tissues like epidermis, dermis, fine hair and subcutaneous tissue. It can visualize the size and shape of kinds of nevus, scars, keratosis, scleroderma, hemangioma and skin tumors(including benign tumor or cancer such as lipomyoma, melanoma, basal cell carcinoma).

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